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Friday, February 13, 2009

Almost here

This has been a lousy week for baseball. The news is all A-Rod all the time. Bud Selig is losing his mind. The leak of the failed test is probably a crime, and now threatens the relationship between the owners and union with the collective bargaining agreement set to expire in 2011. Meanwhile the asshats in Congress apparently have nothing better to do with their time. There there's the bizarre Roberto Alomar story. Ridiculous talk of collusion in a terrible market. Even bloggers aren't exempt as some fool threatened Mario with legal action over an anonymous comment critizising his products in a transparent attempt to create some buzz for his company and cause a chilling effect for any future critisism of his products.

This is getting really depressing.

However, the spring training ticker on the Braves page on AJC.com shows we're less than 40 hours away from pitchers and catchers reporting. The steroid mess just means we have a new hero. The NCAA and their stupid anti-athlete policies just got smacked hard. Newspapers are starting to examine the upcoming season. Our yearly MLB.com fantasy preview Baseball Card set has been released. And finally to hammer home that baseball is truly almost here, Amazon is promoting the new baseball books that are out. Actually, I think a baseball book is just what the doctor ordered.


Gellman said...

Holy crap that Counsell story is hilarious. I always hated him and his ridiculous batting stance.

Dubbs said...

God Bless The Onion for recognizing Counsell and his key role in the Brewers' 2008 playoff appearance. Oh ya, there was that Sabathia guy too.

I recommend "Catcher in the Wry" by Bob Uecker...best baseball book I've read.