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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

2008 Mayo Cut Plug Short Print List

I think I've finally tracked down the Mayo short print list. I've found it here, here and here and apparently it was confirmed on Beckett's My Collections site. One more lie on the Topps sell sheet though - There were supposed to be 40 short prints, but there's actually 55. Five more short prints than A&G in a set with 20 less cards. Good Job Topps. You have now completely destroyed any credibility your sell sheets used to have AND screwed up the Mayo set in the process.

The one silver lining of this is that I officially gave up on the set today and went out and picked up the one short print out of the set I really, really wanted.

Note the high number of superstars in that list. I've kind of lost track of football this year, but the only non shorted superstars that immediately come to mind are Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson and Larry Fitzgerald. You have a 1:110 pack shot at everyone on this list. Think about that when you're about to plop down your 5 bucks for a hobby pack.

2 Kyle Orton SP
3 LenDale White SP
8 Justin Tuck SP
11 Fred Taylor SP
12 Ryan Torain SP RC
14 Jake Long SP RC
19 Troy Williamson SP
22 Aaron Kampman SP
25 Selvin Young SP
26 Will Franklin SP RC
34 James Jones SP
39 LaDainian Tomlinson SP
40 Marcus Smith SP RC
43 Matt Moore SP
53 Steven Jackson SP
54 Adrian Arrington SP RC
58 Matt Leinart SP
67 Willis McGahee SP
68 Fred Davis SP RC
70 Anthony Alridge SP RC
81 Michael Turner SP
86 LaMont Jordan SP
94 Todd Heap SP
107 Jeremy Shockey SP
120 Heath Miller SP
130 Brian Urlacher SP
133 Calvin Johnson SP
135 James Hardy SP RC
146 Plaxico Burress SP
159 Terrell Owens SP
172 Andre Johnson SP
185 Brandon Marshall SP
198 Dwayne Bowe SP
210 Tom Brady SP
211 Nate Burleson SP
212 Funkmaster Flex SP
223 Warren Haynes SP
224 Antwaan Randle El SP
236 David Garrard SP
237 Vincent Jackson SP
249 Carson Palmer SP
250 Laurent Robinson SP
262 Ben Roethlisberger SP
263 Chris Chambers SP
275 Eli Manning SP
276 Matt Ryan SP RC
288 Tony Romo SP
289 Brian Brohm SP RC
301 Brett Favre SP
302 Anthony Morelli SP RC
314 Kurt Warner SP
315 Rashard Mendenhall SP RC
316 Mike Hart SP RC
327 Clinton Portis SP
328 Xavier Omon SP RC

Now I can finally figure out how well I did on my blaster. I'll have that posted tomorrow morning.


Matt said...

I bought one retail pack of this schlock and that was enough for me. I did pull the Titanic mini though, that was pretty cool. And L.J. Smith...Rutgers-jo.

Tom the Ripper said...

thats like most of the guys in the "player collection program", which I'm assuming was geared towards kids.


Matt F. said...

Like everything else, I seem to be out of step with everyone else as I'm going to give this set a go...so if you want to get rid of/trade your base cards you know who will take them...