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Thursday, February 5, 2009

sleep deprivation linkydinks

I have literally had less than 12 hours of sleep since Monday morning. My eyes refuse to focus on the screen any more except to hunt for a tile. I have a ton of posts I want to write, but the tank is empty. I am going to take a very long nap now, in the meantime you can read all of this stuff. A note about links: Firefox crashed on me a couple of days ago and I lost at least two new blogs (or new to me at least) that I was going to post here. If you asked me to link your blog recently, and you don't see it here (and are a card blog and not a spam blog) please let me know.

The Pettitte Pursuit

Everyone's favorite obsessive Yankee collector now has a blog.

Baseball Cards Come To Life

It's alive... ALIIIIIIIIIVE!!!

Mark's Ephemera

Nice and random. Just how I like it.

Baseball Cards, TCG and Me

Industry insider stuff from the retail point of view. Looks to be an interesting read.

Freedom Cardboard

This has been around since last August, but I missed it somehow. Lots of good hobby news in there.

90s Box Breaks

Box breaks of product from the '90s. I was actually eyeing that '94 Stadium Club box on D&A recently.

Cardboard Connection

Not a blog, more like a Facebook for collectors. Yet another thing I need to look into.

It just occurred to me that this isn't in the reading list over there. If anyone is interested in why I call this particular organization this particular name, there's a long story behind it. pster me and I'll tell you once I've gotten a little sleep.

Stitches and Um... Ahem.
<----- read before you click You probably don't want to click on this at work. Basically cards and cheesecake. Maybe what Dinged Corners would be in Bizarro World. I don't know what to do with this to be honest. It appears to be a legit baseball card blog, but I know of several readers who would get a bit offended by it. I try to be all inclusive though. I think... for the time being I will put this on in my non-cards blog at the bottom for now. now some random stuff. BRAVES CARDS. 'nuff said. Once I get my scans together I'm going to start uploading. I think there are pages for every team but who cares about other teams?

Topps firsts.

Baseball Toaster is no more.

Shane is using Zistle. I may test drive this out in the next week or so. I'll give you a full report if I do so.

Never tell me the odds.

This is one of the most mindbendingly stupid things I've ever read. Sure, he helped integrate the league. Sure, he broke the most hallowed record in the game. Sure, he put up with racism and death threats. Sure, he's one of the best players in the history of the game. Sure, he's never been in trouble and has always conducted himself with honor. But his might have took a greenie! And he didn't snitch on the person who offered it to him! HORRORS. Also, Jesus hung around with prostitutes. I think Brandon Islieb purposely wrote something completely insane just so people would talk about him. It worked.

The rare 1978 Topps Tony Gwynn error card. Make sure to read the followup posts.

Really cool hockey goalie pads.

Every episode of House, ever.

And finally, this is an amazing comic. These two are just amazingly disturbing, but they made me laugh like hell.

Also: I'm about two weeks behind in e-mail. Longer than that in getting packages together. Please be patient and pester me as needed. Thanks.


Laurens said...

Me thinks the Stitches site was created to generate some sort of web traffic...it kind of works, but it seems also kind of pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Unrelated, but gimmick alert! Earlier you posted a Topps 2009 #170 Sabathia as a Brewer. I just pulled one but with him airbrushed as a Yankee.

Billy Suter said...

If the Stitches page was about football, what would it be called? Punts and... um, Pulchritude?

Yeah, that's it.