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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2009 Topps Hobby Tournament Of Champions

Final Four, baby.

A-Rod vs. Ryan Howard


Teddy Ballgame vs. The Babe

Braves +5
Players from the team the player on the wrapper is from +3
Players from the opponent's team -3
White Sox, Indians, Brewers, Reds, Orioles +1
Dirty Mets -5
Gold Parallel, Ring of Honor +3
Turkey Red, Legends +5
AutoGamerPatch +15
SilkStampCutSketch +25
Stealth gold or red or whatever parallel -5
Any other weird insert +10

Winners will face off tomorrow.

Let's do A-Rod and a guy who actually has a ring first.

Alex Rodriguez:

154 A.J Pierzdybfsjnirenasdfki +1 Sox
212 Denard Span Rookie Cup
246 Postseason Highlights - Rays
259 NL Strikeout Leaders
278 Phillies World Champions -3 Phillies
182 Daniel Murphy gold parallel +3 Gold -5 Dirty Mets
TTT21 Chipper Jones Topps Town +5 Bravos
326 Postseason Highlights - Manny
177 Eric Hinske
94 Adam Lind

Total: 1 point

Ryan Howard:

59 Eric Gagne + 1 Brewers
289 Josh Banks
41 Mike Mussina -3 Yankees
286 Odalis Perez
25 John Lester
TR9 Tim Lincecum +5 Turkey Red
TTT5 Evan Longoria Topps Town
13 Ryan Langerhans
280 Joe Saunders
99 Juan Castro +1 Orioles

Final Score: A-Rod 3, Ryan 4.

Howard will face the winner of Ruth vs. Williams.

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steveisjewish said...

i want that murphy - if i dont get one in my jumbo box - i will be coming calling!