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Monday, February 2, 2009

Another Pack O' Topps

Cutting back on the scans this time due to time constraints. Here's the pack and the top 5 cards as chosen by me.

174 James Shields

The only Ray to win a World Series game.

252 Brandon Wood
This guy's been a can't miss prospect since 2004. Let him play already.

??? Andrew Miller
I've already packed and mailed this card. Go check the other post for the card number.

278 Postseason Highlights

These guys won the other 4 World Series Games.

227 Freddy Sandoval RC
There were no major league stats on the back so I was askeered that we might have another Alex Gordon type situation here. He had 6 at bats with the Halos last year so no worries.

239 Brandon League gold parallel #0230/2009

I was about to make fun of his hair, but I'm not 100% sure I'm going to scan his card yet so I won't resort to a visual joke. I'll have to go with something more intellectual.


Heh, I scanned the card anyway.

TTT1 A-Rod Topps Town
Good news: ToppsTown cards don't look like junk anymore. Bad news: they count as a card in the pack now.

131 Greg Golson RC
Hmm... looks like all the RC logo cards just have minor league totals. Greg is a 'true base stealer' accoring to Davey Lopes, which sucks because stealing bases hasn't been a preferred weapon in the majors since the '80s. Thanks a lot, Bill James.

137 Angel Salome RC
One problem with this design - they didn't use enough border colors. the same blah blue is used for the Brewers, Tigers, Blue Jays and Rangers. Three of those teams shouldn't even use blue!

156 Carlos Pena

From the back: "Carlos is immortalized as the first player to be awarded a HR on a reversal by instant replay" These are the words that will be recited to Carlos at the pearly gates by St. Peter when he explains why he can't come in. Sorry Carlos, Jesus is a purist.

237 Aaron Cunningham RC
At least the A's have green borders. Drat, I'm going visual again. TRUST ME THEY'RE GREEN

236 Kelly Johnson

Woooooooo! First Brave of 2009!

Topps of the Class David Wright ad with security sticker plastered on top of it.
You've seen enough of these, right?

More Topps tomorrow, most likely.

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