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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Absolutely No Freaking Baseball Day - Pokemon??

Yeah, I didn't expect to see a Pokemon card on this blog either. I'm not even sure where the heck this thing came from. I sure don't know what that weird fish? bird? looking critter is or why it has holofoil stars twinkling all around it. I do know this though: I would have never bought, played, or otherwise looked at Pokemon Snap ever if I had lived a thousand lifetimes, had I not gotten it free. I did get it free though and now I have beaten the game. How pathetic is that?

Hey, you can't shoot zombies in the face with a shotgun all the time can you?


Anonymous said...

Hey dayf,
I don't have that card! I'll be glad to have it and I'll send you what remaining cards are left, thanks!

mmosley said...

Any ill will toward Hammerin' Hank for steering Junior back to Seattle?

dayf said...

According to ESPN Aaron was trying to steer him toward the Braves. I think the whole thing was a ploy for Griffey to get more money. The Braves weren't even after him until Griffey initiated the talks.