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Monday, February 16, 2009

Woo hoo! more links

I've run across a lot of new blogs since last time, so let's get a-linking.

Atlanta Braves with David O'Brien

the Atlanta Journal-Contsitution beat writer blog has finally gone to Wordpress format. DOB is a spectacular beat writer, but for God's sake whatever you do don't criticize his musical preferences. The man will get grouchy.

Bowman's Blog

Mark Bowman of MLB.com also has a Braves blog, but it doesn't have the huge rabid (and often insane) readership as O'Brien. Bowman is just the facts, ma'am.

Ryan's Memorabilia Blog

Looks like we have another Orioles fan blogging. Gotta love the old school finds and it's not often someone comes up with a recent card I've never heard of before (Opening Day base game used).

Sac Bunt Baseball Card Blog

Pluses: Sweet looking header image. Likes Fleer Ultra. Durham Bulls!
Minuses: Twinkies fan. Hates '09 Topps.
Neutral: Hates Andruw Jones.
Hmmmm... I know I shouldn't still be mad about the DIRTY CHEATING '91 TWINS but that's the way it goes. I'll put 'em on double secret probation for now.

1972 Topps Set

Have I linked to these guys already? Dear lord, I don't know who I have already linked to anymore. To hell with it. I love this set. I'm linking it again.

Blue Diamond

Dodger fan. History purist. He named his blog after nuts. His handle is 'fredodap' which is hilarious to me for some reason. I keep imagining the dumbest Corleone brother bumping fists with Michelle Obama. Yes, I am strange. Read his blog.

Sports. Cards. Life.

Another Cub fan. Man, they're spreading like weeds. Topps haters are becoming more prevalant as well. However, he's crotchety about the idiotic Hall of Fame votes lately so he's A-OK with me. Add some Bud Selig hate and you have a kindred spirit, except for that whole Cubs thing.

Current Sports Cards

After reading through the archinves I have no idea what to say about this blog. I mean, the guy bought TWO boxes of UD Mini Jersey. Oy. Instead I will simply say this blog is the tits. w00t!

Ok, I have more, but they are in the bookmark folder and I don't feel like digging them up right now. That should be enough to chew on for a couple of days.


SacBunt said...

Hey! Alright thanks for the link and the summary. If it makes you feel better only one-half of Sac Bunt likes the Twins, the other half like the Orioles and they are harmless.

Offy said...

Speaking of links. I think that I've finally found a groove with the sports card blog that I've started twice before and sputtered out on. I've got some content up there now and am looking for links to try and get some readers. Would you mind linking me in your next batch of links?