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Monday, February 23, 2009


This week is like Christmas for baseball-loving card collectors. Spring training games kick off on Wednesday and 2009 Topps Heritage is scheduled to be hitting hobby shelves the same day. I had to do the grocery shopping today though (gotta have milk and bread) so I went to the local Target and just possibly may have poked around the card aisle for a bit. Still no Upper Deck at all. The double wide Topps feeder was getting low but still had plenty of packs in it. There was my first confirmed sighting of a 2009 Topps blaster, but I didn't really want the patch card that badly. That stuff will be sitting on shelves till June anyway so no hurry at all. Topps Mayo, nah. Black Diamond Hockey, nah. iCarly cards... maaaaaybe... Then I saw it. Just sitting right there in the box. I never expected to see this at all in there. Topps Heritage!

No not that Topps Heritage, I just told you it's arriving in hobby shops on Wednesday. This Topps Heritage:

$1.59 cheapo packs, baby!

Ok, so that was a dirty trick to get you all to click on this post. It was a fun dirty trick and I regret nothing.


So here's some '08 Heritage packs to tide you over 'till tomorrow when the case breakers will likely start getting busy.

Pack 1:
269 H. Ramirez
152 B. Bannister
400 Man Ram
20 J. Kent
419 Braves
140 B. Sardinha
339 I. Snell
C54 Tim Lincecum Chrome Refractor #195/559

I was all set to mail this card out but can you believe Bailey has the refractor already but not the regular Chrome? Oh well, I wanted to keep this card anyway.

Pack 2:
376 R. Johnson
289 B. Myers
208 B. Butler
313 K. Igawa
399 T. Lilly
267 X. Nady
BF2 Luis Aparicio Flashbacks
370 Verlander No Hitter black back

Woohoo! I actually needed the Nady card for my set. the rest are all doubles though including the insert and parallel. If anyone needs this stuff send me a wantlist, I've got a few hundred doubles.

Pack 3:
410 M. Buehrle
68 D. Jeter
258 BJ Upton
420 N. Lowry
361 J. Borowski
71 T. Hoffman
174 M. Cameron
436 Ryan Freel SP

I pretty much bought these for a shot at a short print so the Freel is a welcome sight.

Pack 4:
148 H. Pence
70 C. Guillen
123 S. Fuld
416 A. Cabrera
41 K. Escobar
12 C. Schilling
482 Justin Morneau All Star SP
57 Brad Lidge black back

The Morneau SP is sweet, but I've got it already. Escobar is another pesky base card I needed though.

Pack 5:
182 M. Cain
390 R. Braun
237 Run Preventers
345 C. Carpenter
387 J. Bonderman
369 Buchholz No Hitter
3 Eric Byrnes
324 R. Ankiel black back

At least I am pulling exactly one card per pack that I actually need. This was a fool's errand to begin with, but that one Eric Byrnes card that I didn't already have makes me feel better about this pack.

Pack 6:
271 A. Phillips
375 Manny HR
110 H. Bailey
277 M. Teahan
413 E. Jackson
311 J. Suppan
226 R. Harden
NAP6 J. Peavy New Age Performer

And the streak dies. A solid pack of dupes, including the Peavy. More cards for the doubles box. If anyone needs some for a set just let me know. That box is getting pretty full and I need to start clearing it out for the '09 stuff.


PunkRockPaint said...

Nice one... I was all set to leave work early... Now, I guess I'll stay. :(

night owl said...

Rotten, dirty, good-for-nothing, racken, fracken ...

But well-done.

I know I need that Morneau card.

zman40 said...

I wouldn't mind having the Teahen card.

ManOfSteal said...

I've got a few A's left that I still need (202, 226, and 470), the 117 black back, and Chrome's 37, 114, 124, and 133.

sam r said...

dayf did u get my email bout the dale murphy card?

Anonymous said...

I love those "Power Packs." I was lucky last year to hit all of the 2005 Topps Updates that hit the area Targets. I think I ended up with 20 packs which contained a two of each of the following rookies: Ryan Braun, Jacoby Ellsbury and Jay Bruce, among others. And this was when Bruce was red hot.

Since then the Power Packs have sucked -- probably because there has been no baseball -- BUT if I see those Heritage packs, they are MINE. I love the cheapo packs, particularly when they hold nice base cards. If you're looking for a hit, forget it. That stuff has been searched.

Billy Suter said...

On a kinda-related note, there are STILL no 2009s at my local Walmart.

Unknown said...

Nice Lincecum Refractor. I just bought my first box of 08 Heritage Today. I'm going to build sets of previous years products as new stuff comes out. It's cheaper that way.

Well done though. My Target don't got jack.

MarieBay said...

Why I oughtta.....

I only looked at Pujols and was like oh please send me that. Only to then read you lied. LIED!

sruchris said...

I still need these 08 Heritage: 11 122 129 150 198 315 334 409 426 427 429 430 431 432 433 434 436 442 443 445 447 448 449 450 451 453 454 456 459 461 464 465 466 467 471 472 474 475 478 479 481 483 486 487 488 490 492 494 495 496 497 498 499
Black Backs: 8 13 14 35 54 60 69 78 94 150 224 226 372
Baseball Flashbacks: 1 9
Dick Perez: 1 2 4 5 7 8 9
New Age Performers: 1 2 4 5 6 8 9 10 11 12 13
News Flashbacks: 2 5
Then and Now: 4 8

Nachos Grande said...

I need a bunch of 2008 Heritage cards still myself (including #482). I have quite a few low (and even more) high series available for trades!