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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Absolutely No Freaking Baseball Day - Krusty

I found a bunch of old Simpsons TCG boosters cheap and felt obligated to pick them up. I was torn between Krusty and Bumblebee Man as the most accurate Simpsons character reflection of my current mood, so I went with the shiny card. Krusty does a better strung out and despondant too which helped push him over the top. HooHooHaHaHa!!


Grand Cards said...

I thought for sure that we'd get a clip of a hysteric Krusty flying his plane into the side of Mt. Springfield. Wouldn't that fit your mood to a T?

dayf said...

I couldn't find that clip. Besides, I'm not quite at homicidal levels of frustration just yet.

Offy said...

I think I've got a whole box of these somewhere. I saw a box at a show for somethinkg like $5 and couldn't resist. One day I might be bored and want to learn how to play the game... or maybe not.