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Friday, February 6, 2009

BP Sports Mini Show on Saturday

Sort of last minute, but I just found this in my e-mail. There will be a 'mini' card show hosted by BP Sports on Saturday in Marietta, GA. It looks like BP will be blowing out a bunch of clearance stuff and will have two other dealers at the Delk Road Marriott Courtyard tomorrow from 10am-4pm. It doesn't look like there's a ticket fee for the show so if you're in the Marietta area tomorrow if might be worth a look-see. Here's the full info:

BP Sports Mini Show and Tom Glavine Event

Be sure to check out the B.P. Sports Mini Sale/Clerance show tomorrow and if your evening is open tonight you can still get tickets to Tom Glavine's Spring Training Fund-raiser for the Georgia Transplant Foundation.

bp logoBP Sports is having a Mini Show this Saturday at the Delk Road Marriott Courtyard from 10AM to 4PM. We will have a number of SALE items as well as two other dealers with sale items.

In addition to our sale/clearance items our other two dealers will have great merchandise including; Single cards, Sets, Programs, Yearbooks, Media Guides, Sports Statues & figures, Autographed photos, Autographed cards, HOF Baseballs, Game used tickets, Pins, Buttons, Mickey Mantle Items, Joe DiMaggio Autographs, Presidential 1st Pitch Photos, Golf Memorabilia & many Ted Williams Museum items...

Just a few examples:

Dominique Wilkins JSA Autographed NBA Basketball with Display $50.00

Dominique Wilkins Autographed 8x10 Photos $10.00
Variety of Braves and other Bobbleheads $5.00

Falcons SuperBowl Prints $2.00
Braves Players Limited Edition Prints $5.00
Former Braves Autographed 8x10 Photos $5.00
Former Braves Autographed Baseballs $10.00
World Series & All-Star Programs/Braves Yearbooks $3 or two for $5
Media Guides $2.00
Former Braves Blank 8x10 Photos $2.00
NASCAR die-cast cars $5.00
Braves statue give-aways $5.00
Georgia Tech Trading Card Wax Pack Boxes $5.00
And much, much more...

Marriott Courtyard
2455 Delk Road (next to Spagetti Warehouse)
Marietta, GA 30067


Looks interesting, I'll have to check it out if I don't just sleep until 7pm tomorrow (which happens more often than I care to admit). The box of Tech trading cards is intriguing.


Captain Canuck said...

I'll take a few 8x10 auto'd photos, a couple of auto'd balls, a few 1/24th Nascar diecasts... and maybae a few boxes of wax for the trip home....

Mike said...

Thank you for this post! I live in Marietta and didn't know anything about this until I came across the info here. I am going to have to check it out.

Anonymous said...

What is the chechlist for legends of the Game, from 2009 Topps Hobby?

MMayes said...

"Former Braves Autographed Baseballs $10.00"

Perhaps you could snag balls of Luis Gomez, Kerry Lightenberg, Rowland Office and Hal King!

Billy Suter said...

I think you have it wrong, MMayes. I think they're actually selling baseballs that were autographed by Braves, then had the signatures scribbled out.

Fuji said...

wow wilkins 8x10's for $10... that'd be sweet to get one of those.