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Sunday, February 22, 2009

I guess I have to dig up my Garret Anderson cards now

I'd prefer to see Josh Anderson given a shot, but Garret will probably look decent with that tomahawk on his chest.

Ugh. Misspelled his name in the title already.

Ok, found a couple. Home and away.

Here's a non-patch patch card from '04 Patchworks. there is not a single thread of anything remotely resembling a patch on this card, but it's numbered 55/200 so SPEED LIMIT MOJO yeeeeehaw

This fine card is from a promotion Target stores had in 2005. All four manufacturers got together to do a 72 card jersey set with each manufacturer doing whatever 72 divided by 4 is cards each. there was a special box in the card aisle, filled with special Target packs with these very special cards inserted 1:8 packs. I got a few of them including this Anderson jersey with an odd line going through the swatch. It's either a seam or a cut or a place where a thread was removed, but I haven't dissected it to truly determine what the heck it is.

I'm certain I've got a lot more of his cards, but I think I'll wait until the series 2 sets for the ones with Braves logos on them. Or maybe Updates & Highlights depending how slow they are this year. Assuming he wins the job out of Spring Training of course. It's Sunday. I don't fake enthusiasm on weekends.


RWH said...

My depression has officially set in.

Dubbs said...

One man's loss is another man's gain. While we're at it, anybody want Gagne?

deal said...

I like Garret, I know the OBP is a lil low and one would want more power out of a corner guy, but he does rack up hits. I am glad he is over in the NL now - I mean the guy has an outside shot at 3000 hits and nobody knows about it.

dinged corners said...

He's a reliable player. You never know, Garret may do better than Griffey.