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Sunday, February 1, 2009

I need a break from all these damn football cards

Pack Two Of The Pre-Release Date Target Stash

143 Matt Joyce

Some rookie I guess.

284 Luis Ayala

I'm not on the Nationals anymore! YEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH

150 Kosuke Fukudome


28 Mike Lowell

Lots of horizontal cards in this set makes for some good photos.

5 John Lackey
He's struck out A-Rod 22 times.

324 Mark Reynolds

204 freaking strikeouts! Does he just stick the bat out and start spinning during the windup hoping he'll connect?

LG16 Roy Campanella Legends of the Game

Campy! I think this is the exclusive Target insert, but I'm not sure. They're pretty badass whatever they are.

TTT14 CC Sabathia Topps Town

Now I've got two CCs to send to Thorzul.

Topps Attax Code Card

Don't steal my code you jerks! They are very rare! For serious! HEY GUYS!!! STOPPIT!

12 Andrew Carpenter

Wheeee rookie logo.

177 Eric Hijnske

The name was a typo due to fat fingers, but it was funny so I kept it.

94 Adam Lind

I keep wanting to pronounce his name like Jose Lind.

23 Gerald Laird

One of Texas' 27 catchers.

I'll post the rest eventually...........


Anonymous said...

So the Toppstown cards are considered a "card" in the pack now? Is that a correct read from this? That means hobby boxes will be even more barren than usual for base cards.

steveisjewish said...

wow - so topps really did step it up with the photos this year - sure its not stadium club, but its tons better than 08's set from what I can tell from your 2 packs

Anonymous said...

That Luis Ayala card looks great.

It's funny that Topps left him out of all of their 2008 products, but now that he's unemployed he's suddenly worthy of a 2009 card. :)

PunkRockPaint said...

We stealed ur codez
(insert cute kitten here)

dayf said...

noooooo they be steelin my codez

gritz76 said...

The Fukudome card is pretty sweet. I think it was his only highlight of the season and it was the home opener. The photos are top notch! Maybe they are actually listening?

jacobmrley said...

any chance you'd trade that super sweet campy card?