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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Lots of all caps titles today.

I checked in on Old School Box Breaks and checked out his review of an '09 Topps blaster. The image on the post nearly caused major bowel malfunctions. Here it is, lovingly swiped and reposted.

WHY ARE THE BASE CARD BORDERS BLACK?!? Someone please tell me they bought a blaster with white border cards in it. Please tell me this blaster just had a ridiculous amount of numbered black border parallels. Please tell me Topps put Opening Day cards in the box by accident. Please tell me Keith Olbermann is on the way to John's house with a briefcase full of cash so Topps can kick off their 2009 Target black border 'error' gimmick to boost sales at Target. Please tell me that this is just an elaborate hoax to get back at me for my mean Heritage trick.

Anyone have any info on these things?

UPDATE: It happened to Nachos Grande too! Topps has caught the Black Death! Fungus blasters at Wally world!

Oh man... Oh God... Oh man! Oh God!

Oh man!!!

Oh God!!!


UPDATE #2: They've spread to eBay!!!!!


Hide the children!

Get your shotgun!

Aim for the head! They'll just keep on coming if you don't get 'em in the head!


UPDATE #3: Noooooooooooooooo

JayBee has gone over to the Dark Side. How many more innocent souls shall this evil scourge claim?

Why, Topps... WHYYYYYYY

* don't panic.


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Huh? ALL the cards were black bordered? I didn't catch that. Wait, ALL THE FRIGGIN CARDS WERE BLACK BORDERED?? I call shenanigans. This is either a gimmick or something else is going on here.

Aaron said...

I bought a blaster on Saturday and all the cards were white-bordered, other than the gold parallel...I imagine he got a mutant blaster

deal said...

I saw that too.

I think they must be errors - black cards but unserialed, because he doesn't mention the serial numbers in the post, but he does for the Harden Card.

FanOfReds said...

The same thing just happened to me today. A full blaster of black bordered (non-serially numbered) cards...except for a Jackie Robinson short print that had the white border.

grant said...

At 1st I thought this was my blog old schol pack buster! I was like NOOOOO! then I read again. whew I'm new to the blogs don't need to screw up now. Grant

Captain Canuck said...

it's the spies dayf... they're closing in. After a brief mental assault designed to put you off guard.
stay focused. maybe don't sleep tonight.
buy a dog. A big dog.

Kevin D. said...

These have to be errors. Look closely. It's not just black borders - the backgrounds behind Wang and Cox (hehehe potty humor) are all black.

Kevin D. said...

And now I look more closely and can see that there is a VERY faint background, but my point stands that these aren't regular black parallels. Compare it to this:


I still think it's some sort of printing error.

Captain Canuck said...

seriously though, aren't they just the black versions that Topps have done lately /58???
I have a LaRoche from last year... same subset, no?

FanOfReds said...

CC and others: I had the same thing happen to me in a blaster I bought - they are NOT the numbered parallels. In fact, other than the border, there's no discernable difference between the black bordered and white bordered cards.

milwaukeeb said...

Oh God, oh man, Oh God, oh man, Oh God, oh man...

Is there anything different with the wrappers? There might be a way they tell them apart at the factory.

FanOfReds said...

milwaukeeb: Nope, not as far as I can see anyhow.

If this is a gimmick, it's by far the worst idea of a gimmick (and that's saying something considering some of the terrible gimmicks Topps has put out in previous sets).