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Monday, February 16, 2009

Kelly Is A Punk Rocker

Interesting stuff on the new Braves Beat blog. Dave O'Brien has Kelly Johnson and Matt Diaz answer questions from fans. Of course the critical question of the day is answered: What music introduction at the plate does each player want to use this year?

Kelly Johnson:

Matt Diaz:

Unfortunately Kelly doesn't think the Deftones are commercial enough and Matt is ashamed of his love for Billy Joel so I doubt either song will be heard at Turner Field this year. Too bad. I have a new found respect for KJ now that I know that he is VERY METAL.


Anonymous said...

Matt should never be ashamed of his love for Billy Joel.

Captain Canuck said...

says Mr. "Anonymous"...

zman40 said...

That was neat, although I wouldn't exactly call Deftones punk.
Speaking of "coming up to bat songs", the Royals John Buck uses an old Korn song while Mark Teahen usually comes up with songs made by Jose Lima. But sometimes, he mixes it up and will throw "Barbi Girl" into the mix.