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Saturday, February 21, 2009

2009 Topps Cereal box part 2

Here's the rest of that box with the Jackie Robinson refractor in it. Totals: 52 base cards, 1 ToppsTown, 1 Turkey Red, 1 Legend. There was also a big chunk of styrofoam in there to make the pack thicker than it needed to be. I know, I know, it's for my protection. The refractor card was packaged in its own little one card red wrapper. The wrapper had the box odds for parallels and variations on it oddly enough. Here's a few highlights from the base cards in lieu of typing out 52 cards:

195 Tim Lincecum

This is easily the best looking card that I've pulled from any set this year. Topps nailed this card of Mr. Cy.

35 David Price RC

Early favorite for the Rookie of the Year. At least if that zombie in the background doesn't eat his brains.

201 Classic Combos Brothers in Arms

I don't care what Topps calls it, this card shall only be known to me as Salty Ham.

125 Roy Oswalt

The Astros better not suck this year, Roy deserves better. I'm thinking 19 wins, 20 if Tejada doesn't end up in PMITA prison.

189 Jay Payton

This card disturbs me. I know we've had Interleague play for over a decade now, but my brain still refuses to process an American League player standing in front ot the Ivy at Wrigley. Orioles at the Cubs? That would mean a World Series game! DOES NOT COMPUTE. Because obviously there will never be a World Series game at Wrigley.


Forever ever.

For all eternity.

Not a chance.

Shoulda let the goat in boys...

Or just not let Tribune mismanage the team for decades....

Ok Inserts! Yay Inserts! We all love Inserts! Let's check out these Inserts. By the way there appears to be no chance at a relic or auto in any of these boxes so if you're after the hits, you best be buying HTA boxes.

TTT3 Grady Sizemore ToppsTown gold

No gold parallel in this box, but I got a goldish looking ToppsTown card of Grady. I guess it's gold, it looks kinda bronzy to me. I'm finally going to check out this ToppsTown contraption this year, if I get a chance (as in, if I'm up at 3:30am with insomnia) I might test drive it this weekend. At any rate I will give a full report.

LG19 Bob Gibson

I think Topps hasn't gotten the American Heritage history bug out of their system, the back of the card talks about the Vietnam War as much as Gibby's 1968 season.

TR10 Jackie Robinson Turkey Red

And we come full circle with another Jackie. This was a fun rip, and a neat way to sell $10 worth of cards. If you are strange and don't like Babe Ruth for some reason, you can also get a Mantle or Ted Williams box. Collect all three! Woooooo... I'd still rather have a HTA Jumbo pack though. Why won't shops sell those things individually?!?


Duane said...

Thanks to your rundown of the package options the other day, I went to Wal-Mart to see if they had these cereal boxes. They Did! I got 2 boxes, Babe and Ted. I got 1 gold parallel Chris Coste! feel good story. I kinda liked these boxes and plenty of base cards. Of course I have never opened an HTA jumbo pack, so I can't compare. I think I will build this topps set

Anonymous said...

Salty Ham is a great name for that card.

gritz76 said...

I'll put a stack of cards on that there will be a World Series game at Wrigley before there will be one at Turner Field again. I realize we may not have a winner of this bet for many years to come, but I'll still bet ya!

Cuyahogabend said...

Saw those at Wally World last night as well along with the 36 card jumbos. We had one in the cart but I couldn't pull the trigger. A local hobby shop sells the HTA's for $10.95 here. What's the better deal: the HTA or the cereal box?

dayf said...

You're on... I could stand to get rid of a few stacks of cards anyway if I lose WHICH I TOTALLY WON'T CAUSE YOUR TEAM DISRESPECTED TEH GOAT.

Cuyahoga - HTA for 11 is the way I'd go. 1:2 chance of getting an auto relic patch or WBC redemtion vs. a 1:1 chance of a refractor. You also get an extra Ring of Honor and parallel card. Go check out some of the HTA box breaks, some crazy stuff come out of them. Stamps and Silks and Sketches, oh my!

deal said...

We can get Hobby Jumbo Packs in Philadelphia area at 10. If you have a BC Collectibles in your area they have sold these packs for $10 in past years.

Wrigley Wax said...

Re: World Series at Wrigley...There will be a World Series at Wrigley...There will be a World Series at Wrigley...If I repeat this enough times, it will come true, right?

Joey said...

Salty Ham thats a perfect name.

That was a pretty good box. It did seem wierd seeing an Oriole up against the ivy.

Roy Oswalt is the man, wish the Rangers had him.

Matt said...

We picked up another blaster (I'll learn my lesson, right?) and pulled the Ted Williams'49 All-Star game at Ebbets Field patch. Not a Yankee, so at least we're heading in the right direction.

Finally got the Brad Lidge base card too...had been eluding me.

Seriously...if any one wants to trade me their Schmidt or Foxx patch, I now have the '62 Mantle and '49 Williams.

Howard Bagby said...

The first 3 cereal boxes I bought had a gold card. I bought 2 more and got 1 out of the 2. I guess I just got lucky.
When you mentioned the Tribunes mismanagement of the Cubs don't forget the job the Wrigley's did before the Tribune took over. I believe there will be a World Series game in Wrigley. I also believe in Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.

Jeremy said...

You know, it's funny because my shop here for the time being sells Topps HTA Jumbo in pack form ONLY. Although then again, this is in Tokyo, Japan so...

dinged corners said...

Not sure we understand the cereal boxes.

That Jackie Robinson card is very Field of Dreamsy. Neat.

PTBNL said...

One shop near me has HTA's at $16 a pop, but regular packs at $2.

Bay Rat North West said...

Did Kluzsewski have kids I don't know about and they both play for the Rangers?

Jim said...

Cereal box states it contains a chrom of retired legends like Mariano Rivera and Albert Pujols - did I miss their retirment ceremony???