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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Heritage is Live, Kinda

Just got back from the hobby shop and a certain mega retailer.

Per the owner, Heritage is delayed but it might be in tomorrow. One dude has a box up on eBay with picture. Forums are starting to pick up on it too. I still don't see a single solitary card on eBay though. Maybe by tonight.

However, it wasn't at my card shop at 3:00pm today so IT'S DEAD TO ME.

The rest of the trip to the card shop was a wash. There was no T51 Murad. They didn have Spectrum, but the price on the box said 7 something a pack. I didn't catch the exact price, because I saw the 7 and my brain started laughing so hard it couldn't process rational thought any more. To provide extra context, the display case the box was sitting on has several 'celebrity' autograph cards from last year's Spectrum deeply discounted on the bottom shelf. So yeah, that wasn't happening. There wasn't a T206 screwdown for Mark either. Today was the first time in forever that I went into a card shop and left with all the money I came in with.

I said I wasn't coming home empty handed though and I meant it.

2009 Topps Wal-Mart Blaster.

Live Break.

6:00pm Eastern.



Anonymous said...

There are scans on Collectors universe forum.

User joestalin has busted six boxes:


MDA said...

I'll see if the upcoming card show has any T206 holders. Thanks for looking.

Cuyahogabend said...

Champion? I was there after my meetings today. Only had a half hour but can see why you like the place though. I was hoping to pick up some 09 Heritage but got some Cardinals, Braun & Markakis for the little guy. I saw the Spectrum on the counter and thought the same thing about the $7. Funny that he had a ton of 08 Spectrum in the 10 cent and 50 cent boxes.

dayf said...

That's the one. If you were there at 3:00 you saw me wandering around looking disappointed.

Howard Bagby said...

I went to Wal-Mart today to see if by any chance they had Heritage yet. they didn't so I bought 2 more cereal boxes, a jumbo pack and an Upper Deck blaster. Is Upper Deck doing jumbos this year? The Wal-Mart I work at doesn't have them and I haven't been to any other one.

dayf said...

Upper Deck is doing Fat packs this year for sure. I haven't seen any yet though.