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Friday, February 6, 2009

This is how I feel

This week has completely, totally, utterly and absolutely sucked.

Even with the '09 products coming out with hits all over the place and having a 50% spike in readership for some reason this week has been complete ass. I'm still tired, I'm still sick, I'm still behind in everything and I'm not happy. I'm going to take a little time to recover. I might be back tonight, I might be back Monday, I might be back Valentines Day. don't know yet. I've got this on queue for when I'm back in my happy place:

A second pack of 2009 Upper Deck
Two packs of 2009 Topps fighting it out
All those redemption cards
The 2002 Just Minors Gold Box
Lots of Lemkes
Topps Obama Blaster box
My "waiting for the 2009 products to arrive" Target lapses in judgement
Tribe Cards' 12 Days Giveaway
2008 Stupid Year in Review cartoon
Random stuff in my draft folder that got abandoned months ago.

I can also try out Zistle, Cardboard Connection and/or uploading images to the Braves team card page and do a review.

Let me know what you want to see, because I'm tired of thinking right now.


night owl said...

I'd like to see the '09 Topps packs battlin', the Target lapses in judgment (because I want to know that I'm not the only one), and some Lemkes (because he grew up an hour and a half from me).

But take the weekend off. Get well.

Wax Heaven said...

You are just burning out. It happens to all of us. Just get some rest and come back stronger than ever.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Jeez if you REALLY look like that Lemke card good grief man get some rest. Whenever you feel better I'm with Night Owl: '09 Topps, Target lapses in judgment and the Lemkes. But get rest first!

Joey said...

Hey Dayf, hang in there. Things are tough all over. So it has to get better, right? Anyway, at least the cardboard is flowing again.