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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Supa Bowel Repack Insanity! FINALLY FINISHED!

YAY! I'm done with football for several months!!! The game is pretty kick ass so far, what an interception return. One more TD by the Steelers and I can finally pass out. Let's kill this box.

Last Bonus card:
2008 Press Pass Matt Ryan insert of some sort

Yeah, so this is the real reason I bought this repack thing. I wasn't doing it for you at all. Just Matty and a box to put all my 2009 Topps cards in.

Ninth Pack:
2007 Topps

224 Sean Taylor (RIP)
413 Champ Bailey All Pro
433 Peyton Manning Postseason Highlights
53 Jamal Lewis
7 of 20 Rookie Fantasy Challenge of some Lion
97 Najeh Davenport
325 Robert Meachem RC

Ut, we got a Steeler in the pack! That's a touchdown since some guy on the AJC Falcons message boards calls himself Najeh Davenpoop and it makes me laugh. I don't reccommend reading the AJC Falcon blogs however, you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villiany than in that comment section. The rest of the pack ain't bad either.

Completely Scientific Score Prediction: Cardinals 6, Steelers 20 after the ninth drive

Last Pack (thank the maker):
2007 Topps Draft and Prospects

81 Owen Daniels
25 Santana Moss
36 Warrick Dunn
151 Antonio Pittman RC Chrome
139 Darius Walker RC

Yay! Warrick Dunn! I'm finished with this thing! Hooray! No points for anyone!

Completely Scientific Score Prediction: Cardinals 6, Steelers 20 GAME OVA

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