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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Paging Jesse and Matt P.- American Heritage trade

UPDATE: Just contacted Matt P. still trying to track down Jesse.

You two left comments on my American Heritage want list post offering me these:

AP 4,
AP 25
9 F. Scott Fitzgerald
50 Elisha Otis
64 Gilbert Stuart
84 Harry Houdini
106 George Washington's Farewell Address
114 The Treaty of Versailles
117 The End of Prohibition

Matt P:
45 Samuel Morse
AC8 David Cross

I need all of these, but I'm not sure how to contact you. Please click on my profile and e-mail me if you are still interested in trading.

I only have the one Penn & Teller card, but I do have short prints 135 and 145 and an extra Jesse Ventura if you're interested. I can also throw in some of the base cards or baseball stuff if you want. Matt P: I have Bow and Keaton for you. I'll also throw in a bunch of Obama cards. I could also use that Braves Team card if you have it.

Also: Matt from Scarlet and White, Paul, HookMan - e-mail sent.

Also also: everyone else who has sent me a trade offer in the past month, I'm trying to sort through them. I think I'm going to get a separate e-mail account for trades, because what I'm doing now obviously isn't working. Thanks for your patience.

Thanks guys!


Anonymous said...

Shot you an email last night. mjprigge at uwm dot edu. I've still got the team card. I'll get them ready for departure.

Jinxo56 said...

Do you need any other cards for this set? I am 6 cards short of a full set, not counting the short prints.