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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


For madding:
For night owl:
Still working on one for Jeffrey. Upper Deck cards don't erase easily. Or burn well for that matter. *coff*


madding said...

I used to set them on fire when I was younger. That mostly only happened with basketball cards, though, particularly Jordans.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

When I was a kid I used to "airbrush" Pirates who left the team with a pencil eraser, pens, markers and swear words.

night owl said...

You can't be that mad. The '89 Upper Deck Griffey is still intact.

Danny said...

I dropped him off my MLB 09 Braves team!

Goose Joak said...

Matt Diaz is better anyway

Gellman said...

Please explain to me again why you WANT Griff on your team? He is injury prone, slow, and can barely hit, plus there is no DH, so he has to play in the field. You should thank Seattle for taking him back.

James said...

The Braves are better off without him.

I guarantee there will be stories this July about Griff wanting to play for a playoff contender and then we'll all get to read the "Jr deserves a chance to win the World Series." Drama follows him everywhere.

Dave said...

I agree with Gellman here - you should be very thankful that the Braves did not sign Griffey.

dayf said...

"Please explain to me again why you WANT Griff on your team?"

1) he fit in with Diaz perfectly in a lefty/righty platoon situation.

2) he was cheap.

3) even though he's old and has definitely lost a step the guy still knows how to play baseball.

4) he would put some butts in the seats.

5) I *WAS* a fan of him as a player and I really had been wishing he would play for the Braves someday since I was in high school.

Why I am so goddamn pissed right now:

1) Last weekend, Griffey was headed back to Seattle for a nothing contract because that's the only place that wanted him.

2) Griffey initiated the talks with the Braves. HE called Chipper, HE talked about playing for Bobby, HE talked about being close to his family.

3) "Friends" of Griffey leaked to the AJC and SI that Griffey had decided on the Braves. One of the people that started the leak was infamous AJC columnist and douchebag Terrance Moore.

3) After the stories broke and Griffey was supposedly all but signed, all communication between Griffey's agent and Frank Wren instantly ceased. Then we got the three day "Where's Griffey going?" circus.

4) Surprise! Griffey's actually going back to Seattle! Except now three days later he's got a much bigger contract and is the returning hero, ready to save baseball in Seattle.


He had no intention of coming here, but played us like a fiddle to get more $$$ and stroke his gigantic ego. So now he's got the glory and my favorite team just got mind fucked for about the 5th time this offseason. So Fuck Griffey up the ass. I'm a bigger fan of Bonds than that jerk now.

I hope the M's lose 120 games and move to Vegas. I hope he blows a hammy the first game of the season. I hope his daughter gets knocked up and his son starts juicing because there's no father figure at home.


Wren just needs to shut it down and see how the kids work out in the outfield. At least one out of the five freaking OF prospects we have HAS to be about to play at least at replacement player level. Save the money and give Chipper that extention.