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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A good way to kill a Wednesday afternoon

I am way too busy to dedicate the time on this post I should, but if you're bored this afternoon and are a fan of old timey baseball check out The Reach Official American League Baseball Guide of 1905 (h/t Baseball Musings). Tons of old photos including Chief Bender, Ban Johnson and his Horrible Haircut, team roster photos of all 16 Major League clubs and a bunch of minor league teams. There's also player stats, team summaries, league summaries, major events, rules of the game and best of all, over 80 pages of sports products sold by Reach. Ads are really the best part of old periodicals. You can look at it now on Google or download the pdf for later. If you're not into free old stuff, Amazon has kicked off their opening day baseball book sale. Got the e-mail today. Don't waste too much time on it if you've got a million other things to do though (like I just did).

UPDATE: Mad Guru just pinted out that the Library of Congress has 15 Spalding's Official Baseball Guides online ranging from 1889 to 1939. That's a good way to kill a couple of weeks!

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Mad Guru said...

The Library of Congress has a lot of Spalding Guides available online if you want to waste even more time.