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Friday, March 20, 2009

2009 Allen & Ginter Design Origins

The '09 Allen & Ginter preview has hit the interwebs. Here's an example of a Tim Lincecum card I borrowed from Wax Heaven.

Very nice... Topps added a border and it looks like they aren't afraid to fill it up. There were too many cards with a tiny picture and a bunch of white space on them the past couple of years. Good move to shake it up a bit. So, it is authentic? Did they take this design from an original A&G set or create a new one in the old timey style? It turns out they did a little of both. The box with the player name is taken from the N16 Natives in Costume set:

The Allen & Ginter ad on the bottom is in a different font than the original however. The '09 ad portion is actually from this set:

N22 Racing Colors of the World. The same ad is also found on set N7 Fans of the Period, but without the two little doodads on either side of "Allen & Ginter". That's a nifty looking font on the Allen & Ginter part and it looks like Topps jazzed it up a tiny bit. Good looking stuff from Topps this year, and there's still 30 more Allen & Ginter designs that Topps can swipe from for future sets.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's awesome! Will they be doing buybacks at all this year?

capewood said...

I like Allen & Ginter but last year's set was disappointing as it looked so similar to the prior two years. I'm glad to see a somewhat different design. Now, if they can just stop themselves from overproducing the heck out of them.

IkesCards said...

Wow! How'd you get all of that in just a couple of hours? Nice work and great, great info.

AdamE said...

Once again the "blogfather" has stunned us with a post, showing scans of cards over a hundred years old on how they affect us today. Posts like this are why yours is the first blog I check every single day.

night owl said...

A&G just gets better every year. I don't know how they do it. But they need to put some of the people they have working on A&G on some of the other sets. Spread the talent around a little.

madding said...

I love it. There goes my summer cash.

deal said...

once again nice job. It is great to be able to get our card history lesson. Thanks a bunch.

Have the card dimensions for this set been posted anywhere....or is the Lincecum card a blown up version of a mini?? because it doesn't appear to have a 2.5 to 3.5 ratio.

if you put that on a 2.5 by 3.5 I think your going to end up w/ a lot of whitespace.

dayf said...

I think that is a mini from the sell sheet. I haven't seen a base card, but they are usually just larger versions of the minis.

The reason I can knock a post out like this so quickly is because I have examples of most of these cards in hand.