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Sunday, March 29, 2009

A couple of relics from the Nennth Inning

A few weeks back The Nennth Inning had a "trade me Lincecum cards for hits" blowout contest/special/thingy. I snagged a Saltalamaccia autograph for a few Lincecum cards and was quite happy about it. After the contest was over there were some cards left over and I traded a couple more Tim Lincecum cards for what was left. I got three cards in the mail. These two and a third which I'll try to get on Auto-Matic tonight. I need to post on there at least once a month, right?
2007 Sweet Spot Albert Pujols Sweet Swatch

I'm not sure how Albert Pujols didn't get claimed, but I'm happy about it. This is one of the better looking jersey swatch designs I've seen. Good sized picture, the wood paneling and the silver stripe work well together and the swatch fits in the design. I can see why some people like the '07 Sweet Spot set, the hits are all pretty attractive. 

2007 Ultimate Collection Matt Cain Ultimate Star Materials

This is the first of these I've seen as well. 2007 Ultimate is like a $200 a pack product right? And they have plain Matt Cain jerseys in them? The design isn't all that great. Way too much useless space on the bottom left corner. Do we really nead a quarter of the card to let people know that Matt is a pitcher? I've seen worse, but at something like $65 a card if you bought a pack this would drive me nuts. I like Matt Cain though and I'm waiting for him to win that Cy Young I know his arm has in it. For everyone out there who doesn't understand my bad attitude toward super high end stuff, here's exhibit A. If I pulled this card out of a pack of Ultra or Upper Deck or something I'd be happy about it. But in something that costs this much, sorry I'll just give that money to Bernie Madoff to invest instead.

I've been getting some e-mails about trading recently, and I'll admit I'm not overly attatched to either of these cards (I have a couple other Pujols jerseys I like better). However, I've got a large backlog of trade stuff I need to send out though so if you do make any offers do two things: Make sure "TRADE" is in the e-mail somewhere and be prepared to wait at least a week for a response. I'm starting to get back on track but trading is honestly very low on the priority list at the moment. Thanks, and thanks again Bailey!

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