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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Six Third Basemen

Here's cards for all the third baseman up in that poll over on the right. Hopefully this post will help you determine the right choice.

Also: Fifth Blog Bat Around - Topic will be up on let's say....... Monday.

Hall of Fame, World Championship, 548 home runs, 3 NL MVPs, 10 Gold Gloves.

Hall of Fame, 2 World Championships, AL MVP, 16 Gold Gloves, 18 All Star appearances.

Hall of Fame, World Championship, AL MVP, 317 home runs, .305 lifetime average.

Hall of Fame, 2 World Championships, 12 All Star appearances, 512 home runs, 143 career OPS+.

Really a shortstop, juiced it up, schtupped Madonna, has more money than Sub-Saharan Africa, out till May.

#1 draft pick, four home runs in one game, if you squint at this name right in the right font it looks like Bob Homer, would have been a Hall of Famer if he had even half of a functional knee, my favorite player when I was a kid so please give him enough sympathy votes to put him past A-Rod, ok?


Anonymous said...

and the yankees should build a time machine (they have enough $ for this) and transport any one of these guys (preferably Brooks, Schmitty, or Brett) to the present to replace A-Rod til whenever he gets back.

Anonymous said...

Why has A-Rod received any votes at all? Ridiculous. He's a CHEATER.

Matt said...

Michael...Jack...Schmidt. 'Nuff said.

gcrl said...

i'll vote for ron cey.

ok, mike schmidt.

btw, i love the card of brooks robinson looking for droids on tatooine.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

"B. ROBINSON COMMITS ROBBERY!" How does a felon end up in this poll??

Unknown said...

I am paralyzed by this poll. I think about it day and night, but can't push the button.

nymetsfan said...

Michael Jack

Braves have had some great 3rd basemen, add Larry to the list soon.

A-roid has no business being in this list.