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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Now I'm late

Today has been an unending procession of annoyances, bad news and near disasters. I'm taking tonight off and will post the Blog Bat Around tomorrow when I can focus on it. So all you slackers out there have just a little more time to send in submissions.

Replacing our regularly scheduled programming, is a four-pack of cards that was recently sent in a package from Mark at Stats on the Back. Mark wanted to get rid of some old basketball cards and I begged shamelessly for them. There were other packs in the package, I might show those off soon too. This one is a four cards inserted inside a penny sleeve.

1974-75 Topps basketball Buffalo Braves team

Didn't know there was a basketball team named the Braves, did you? Pop quiz for eternal pride: What current NBA team did this one eventually become? I love the logo. Very '80s, almost a complete rip off of the Atlanta Braves' logo of the time. The leaders in '73-74 for Buffalo are Hall of Famer Bob McAdoo and fan favorite Ernie DiGregorio.

McAdoo won the Rookie of the Year in '72-73 and an MVP award for the Braves. He was a prolific scorer who was dangerous on the perimeter as well as the paint. Ernie D also won the Rookie of the Year award the year after McAdoo, but never quite matched his rookie season. There's not much to see on the back of this card as the Braves only existed from 1970-1978.

1987 Fleer Star Stickers Bob Horner

Is this really a sticker? It's kind of thick and the edges are a little strange. Wait, no, it's a

Box Bottom Card

The only way this card could make me happier is if I got to cut it off the box myself. Check out the scouting report. You best not throw a breaking ball high and inside to Horner!

1980sish Dover Reprint 1933 Goudey Tom Zachary

Do kids still get these Dover reprint books today? I think I got them from Scholastic when I was a kid and immediately tore out all the cards from their perforations. Then I bought 'em all again at the gift shop when I went to the Hall of Fame. You can still find them on Amazon, but do kids still buy them and separate all those pristine perforations? I sure hope so.

See, "A DOVER REPRINT" The best kind of reprint.

1992 U.S. Playing Cards Tom Glavine Joker

Here's Tom in the penny sleeve that all four cards came in. I guess if the pack of four is 40 cents each, that means that they are worth a dime a pop. Or maybe it's a package deal. Save ten cents by buying in bulk. Pop quiz #2:
Glavine is a Joker because
a) he won the Cy Young award in 1991
b) huge Steve Miller fan
c) that whole Mets thing was an elaborate Andy Kaufmannesque joke
d) he's the arch enemy of Batman

Here's the back. Why didn't I put the price tag on this side? Because I wasn't originally going to scan the fronts and backs of all the cards. Cool stuff Mark, danke schön!


Captain Canuck said...

the Buffalo Braves moved to San Diego to become the Clippers. Then on to L.A.

Now I have eternal pride, baby!

dayf said...

Canuck, a winnar is you!

What do you win?

All the cards I've owed you for weeks!

(almost there buddy, the package is just about together)

Captain Canuck said...

and your Matt Ryan jersey might get there by training camp.

James B. Anama said...

Speaking of slackers, here is my contribution to the Bat Around.

Oh So Late, But Here's My Post for Blog Bat Around V

If you don't accept it, I understand.


JayBee Anama

deal said...

I am glad to find out about the Dover Reprints. I can buy one whenever I need $5 to put me over for free shipping!

deal said...

I am glad to find out about the Dover Reprints. I can buy one whenever I need $5 to put me over for free shipping!

MMayes said...

I live in the midwest, but I loved the Buffalo Braves in the early 70's. McAdoo, Ernie D, Randy Smith, Don Adams (later becoming Zaid Abdul-Aziz) and Jim McMillan (coming over from the Lakers) made up a team that got up and down the floor in style. I think they also had Dr. Jack Ramsay in his psychedelic plaid pants coaching.

They were such a 70's team they should have been in the ABA.

Anonymous said...

McAdoo is among very select few players who won an NBA Championship and European Team Championship. (called Euroleague today, or FIBA European Champions Cup at the time)