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Friday, March 13, 2009

Paper Wrigley

Here's a little diversion for a Friday via Baseball Musings. Build your own teeny Wrigley Field by printing out this three page PDF, cutting it up and gluing it back together. The result will look something like this:

If Wrigley's not your bag, PaperToys.com has more models including a T-Rex, the Sydney Opera House and Jimi Hendrix's guitar. We're all baseball fans here though. Glue the printout to some of those extra 1985 Topps or 1988 Donruss Cubs doubles lying around to make a sturdier model. Cubs fans can make little paper dolls of the 1983 squad complete with cursing Lee Elia and replay that series with the Dodgers! Cubbie haters can jump up and down on it or maybe do this:

Eat that Wrigley, Billy! Gobble those bleacher bums right up. It's fun for everyone (but be careful about letting Billy eat those old doubles, Upper Deck gives goats indigestion).


Unknown said...

great find thanks . . . now i have a weekend project. Hope it comes with "adult friendly" directions.

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

TRUE story. When I was little my uncle bought me a "make your own Forbes Field" book. Each page had cardboard cutouts with tabs and when you glued the whole thing together BAM instant Forbes Field. The thing was HUGE I had to put it downstairs where the train set was to fit it somewhere and it took me forever to put together but it was well worth it. It looked awesome. Then I got bored with it and tried to stuff it somewhere and it fell apart and got thrown away. Shame. Now I have to see if I can buy one again.