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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So Long Josh

Josh Anderson got traded to the Tigers yesterday. I'm a little bummed about this since I thought Josh should have been given an opportunity to be the starting center fielder last year instead of trading Devine for Kotsay. Josh played very well in a late season call up and was solid in spring training, but Jordan Schafer was on fire all spring and won the job. Josh is out of options and another Anderson is taking his spot on the roster, so he had to be moved. I guess it's the beginning of the Schafer era in the ATL. I'd feel a lot better about it if he hadn't gotten suspended for 50 games last year for apparently hanging out with the wrong crowd. Now thanks to the bullshit steroid policy in the MLB, the Braves can lose the "next Grady Sizemore" for half a season the next time he eats a poppyseed muffin and pees a false positive.

This actually isn't too bad a trade for us though. We're getting sidearm pitcher Rudy Darrow from the Tigers in exchange for Josh. He'll play in Double-A this year, but a strong young arm is a strong young arm. He was being compared to Peter Moylan in the MLBTradeRumors.com thread. I have no problem with ultimately converting Oscar Villareal into a young Peter Moylan. I'll still miss Josh though, he should have gotten a better shot to prove himself last year.


Ben said...

I agree with you on Jordan Schafer, I just don't know what to think about him. He's looked great all spring, but Josh Anderson looked good last year when he got a chance to play.

I was really hoping to see Josh Anderson in center field just because of the experience he does have.

Center field seems to be the last real area of uncertainty for us this year and hopefully this will work out. My concern though is what happens if Frenchy still can't remember how to hit a baseball once the season starts and we just traded away a good potential backup right fielder in Anderson.

But I've had the feeling for the last week or so that Anderson's days with the Braves were limited because Jordan Schafer was doing so well.

madding said...

I know a guy named Josh Anderson.

This Josh Anderson was one of the call-ups (J.R. Towles being the other) that absolutely destroyed the Cards in late '07. Other than that I haven't really seen much of him.