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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Last hobby pack of Heritage

Here's pack 5 of 5 that I was able to get from the local shop. This will be the last hobby pack for a while, but I do have some retail ones to show off. No short prints or inserts in this one, but it was still pretty good nonetheless. 

2 Nyjer Morgan

The back of the card says that Nyjer was a junior hockey star in Canada. I bet he wishes he played for the Penguins instead of the Pirates. His stats (and the photo, kinda) make him look like a baby Juan Pierre. Maybe he can break out for the Buccos this year. Lord knows they need someone, ANYONE, to break out. 

65 Ivan Rodriguez

Pudge doesn't look right in a Yankees uni. I'm glad he's with the 'Stros now. My first little league team was the Astros, and I've liked them ever since. The relationship was a little strained after that 18 inning playoff game, but I'm over it. 

Verily, Pudge is the Star Child, poised to usher in the Age of Aquarius. Either that or he got a Lisa Simpson haircut. 

61 Jorge De La Rosa

I pulled a truckload of his rookie cards in 2001 or 2002 or whenever they all came out. I think I have three Diamond King rookies and they were short printed. Now he's a Rockie, poor sap. 

34 Ian Kinsler

Ian Kinsler is the new Chase Utley. Could you imagine how good the Rangers would be if they just found average pitching?? Good grief, they'd will 130 games. 

210 Ryan Zimmerman

Can someone explain to me why Invader Zim is a superstar? Fine, he's only 23, but he's not that good yet. His OPS+ last year was 101 for Pete's sake. Granted, that's like Babe Ruth for the lousy Nationals but it's still not worth the amount of hype he's gotten. In five years he might be the best third baseman evar, but right now he isn't even the best in his division. What I'm saying is, can we please not have another Allen & Ginter N43 insert of Zimmerman?? He's had an N43 in EVERY set so far. Chipper Jones? Bupkis. TOPPS IF YOU'RE LISTENING CHIPPER BETTER HAVE AN N43 THIS YEAR AND NOT ZIMMERMAN. There will be dire consequences  if I see one more Zimmerman N43 in the '09 set. 

245 Carlos Guillen

Carlos just flat out plays, doesn't he. And he's always happy and smilin' on his cards. That counts for a lot. 

169 Joe Nathan

I still can't believe that A.J. Pierzynski trade. Nathan might be out of the closer danger zone now. It seems that if a closer can manage to get past that 3rd or 4th season without their arm falling off, or completely forgetting how to pitch or getting abducted by aliens or something they can hang on and become one of the Elite. Joe's on year 6 as the Twins' closer and looks as strong as ever. 

107 Jo-Jo Reyes

This is my third Brave out of a Heritage pack. I pulled three out of the five packs, not too shabby. Jo-Jo's been looking good in spring training, although he's likely headed to Triple-A Gwinnett. After the pitching meltdown last year, I'm happy to see lots of depth in the rotation. Now if we could only find a lefty reliever that doesn't come with his own can of gasoline. Maybe Jo-Jo could have the bullpen mojo?

I'm not happy with the cartoon on the back. I don't want to hear about "my arm could get sore" from one of our pitchers after 4/5ths of the rotation broke down last year. You better not have jinxed us Topps!

I usually get disappointed by Heritage packs that don't have an SP or insert in them. This one wasn't too bad as I got a Brave, plus Kinsler, Pudge and Zim. Not too shabby. I'm done with the hobby packs (but maybe not for long...) but I have a few retail packs to show off soon. And yes, I am posting EVERY single Heritage pack I buy. At least until I am finally able to pick up a box that is. Next up is a Jumbo pack of Heritage that was a little... odd. I'm not happy about it, but my luck later changed so it's not too bad. Adios till next time...

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