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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Still Think the WBC is Boring?

Netherlands 2, Dominican Republic 1.

11 innings.

Walk off single by Yurendell De Caster to plate Eugene Kingsale.

The Dominican Republic and all their major league talent are eliminated from the tournament.

The Ex-Cub Factor may have been refuted, but it's still not smart to depend on one when elimination is on the line.

Also: David Pinto ended up live blogging the game on Baseball Musings if you're interested in how it all went down.


Anonymous said...

I am loving the WBC this year. I only wish I could watch all the games.

Anonymous said...

Yay. I'll have one more recognizable player back in Mets camp by the weekend. :)

Seriously, great job by the Netherlands.

Ben said...

I've been watching when I can and I've been plesantly surprised by the quality of MLB Network's coverage. Their commentators are pretty good and the on-screen graphics don't piss me off as much as some network's do.

And there have been some good games thus far... I only hope Chipper isn't hurt just enough to cause little problems all season though.

Wax Heaven said...

Yes, it's still boring.

Yes, I am still watching cause there is nothing else on. :)

ernest of canada said...

boring? no! we're still reeling from the can of whoop-ass the italians opened on us.

zman40 said...

Boring? Hell no! This is much better than the last one since the U.S. isn't playing like ass and there has been a very meanigfull upset.

madding said...

That's awesome. I wish I could have seen the game, but I had to work. I don't feel bad rooting against the DR this time around because Pujols isn't playing.

Anonymous said...

I want the U.S. to show some superiority and win the whole thing, but all the teams have been more competitive and the WBC hasn't exactly been a snooze-fest.