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Monday, March 23, 2009

2009 Topps Heritage Mayo Checklist

I finally scrounged around and figured out the checklists for the retail-only Mayo Cut Plug inserts in this year's Heritage. They may have been posted already or might not. I'm posting them here anyway for reference. There are 20 cards in the set, 10 are inserted into Target packs and 10 more are found in Wal-Mart packs. I heard a rumor that they could only be found in jumbo packs, but I've seen one come out of a normal retail Target pack. I haven't seen any loose Wal-Mart packs other than a Jumbo and I don't know if they can be found in blasters or not (Update: looks like they aren't in blasters from the comments). Target packs list a "Target Continuity Card 1:4" in the odds on the back, Wal-Mart does not list any odds. The cards look pretty much exactly like the football version of the set, except the photos are in black & white. Thanks to Scott at Hand Collated for sending me this Chipper to examine.

Target Topps Heritage Mayo Checklist:

TME-AR Alex Rodriguez
TME-ARi Alex Rios
TME-AS Alphonso Soriano
TME-CJ Chipper Jones
TME-DP Dustin Pedroia
TME-HR Hanley Ramirez
TME-IS Ichiro Suzuki
TME-JS Johan Santana
TME-RB Ryan Braun
TME-RH Ryan Howard

Wal-Mart Topps Heritage Mayo Checklist:

WME-AP Albert Pujols
WME-DM Daisuke Matsuzaka
WME-DO David Ortiz
WME-DW David Wright
WME-EL Evan Longoria
WME-GS Grady Sizemore
WME-JH Josh Hamilton
WME-MR Manny Ramirez
WME-TL Tim Lincecum
WME-VG Vladimir Guerrero


Jeffrey Wolfe said...

As as I know, from what Heritage I've opened, they are in jumbos and retail packs but not in blasters.

Steve Gierman said...

Looks like I won't be tracking down any of these. Cool cards though!

Nachos Grande said...

I've opened 8 blasters...4 from Wal*Mart and 4 from Target (I know, I'm a sucker)...but I didn't pull a single Mayo card.

FYI: I opened 5 loose packs from Target and pulled 2 Mayo cards.

IkesCards said...

Great info once again.

We've pulled two Mayos, both of Pedroia. Anyone want to trade MVP's?

Flash said...

Well crap, now I have to find a walmart around here that still sells cards. The one I normally go to stopped selling cards.

Anonymous said...

a meijer near me had a 20% off cards deal ending on the 21st so i picked up one of the 14 card packs

ended up with the ortiz one from the wal-mart side of the checklist

Jinxo56 said...

I have 4 of them from jumbo packs at Wal-Mart. I have bought 5 blasters and have not got any from them.

JD said...

Yeah, I got Soriano and A-Rod in the Target packs, this much I know.

Anonymous said...

I got an Alex Rodriguez from one packet from Target. The cards are kind of expensive but cool cards.

Anonymous said...

The Mayo cards do come in the blasters I've pulled 7 from Target so far