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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blog Bat Around #5

The extra day was worth it as I got one more post in under the wire. It's time to post the results of the fifth Blog Bat Around so the night owls can read tonight and the cube dwellers have something to get them through their Friday. Great stuff all around, so get a-readin'!

Rain Of Error

Mad Guru recalls many of the times he was able to pick up a special card for his Dave Righetti collection and lets us know what eventually became of them all.

White Sox Cards

Steve talks about his friend Tony and the value of a really good hobby shop.

David does some serious detective work tracking down the place where he bought his very first Tribe cards.

Sports Cards Uncensored

Adam recalls camping out for a chance to get autographs from some Twins stars, and ended up getting a bonus signature out of the deal!

Baseball Cards Come to Life!

Bo is a big fan of the interwebs, plus he tips me off on a place to check out the next time I visit my in-laws!


Travis proves that when looking for a good deal it's not how much money you have, it's whether you know a good contact on the inside.

Stats on the Back

Mark shows off some goodies bought at his first card show in 1985.

Paul's Random Stuff

Paul is true to the title of his blog and tells about his very first Met, a few sets, his first TTM auto and two cracked bats.

Hall of Fame Cards

Jeremy recalls a childhood memory where he met a hero, and a more recent memory where he got back into the hobby.

The Other World

Dan relates four tales of cards that brought him joy.

Jim, has three stories: One about Rose, one about Garvey and one that reminds me of an underrated Dead Milkmen album.

Night Owl

Greg once had a whole mess of vintage card fall right into his lap.

Mark's Ephemera

Mark fools us with a no look pass and tells a story of a basketball player and his favorite book.

Cheese & Beer

Dubbs' 100th post tells the story of how he got his first MLB baseball at his first MLB game.

Wrigley Wax

Paul shows off the very first ten card he ever got, including his first Cub.

Cincinnati Reds Cards

Joe remembers the generosity of others in times of trouble. I want to hear about Johnny Bench and The Chicken though.

Dinged Corners

Lunchboxes, autographs and a Moose.

Achiever Card Blog

Why am I not surprised that Mr. Kramer wrote about the time he almost had his toe cut off? (read for the toe, stay for the 1st edition mint in box OH MAH GAWD)

A grand story that can be summed up thusly: The quest for Al Kaline’s Autograph.

Maddux Glavine Smoltz

Chris remembers grocery bags full of cards and the time he spent sorting them with his father.

The Easy Life

Steve describes this better than I could - "this is just story of a high school boy meeting the girl of his dreams... and he was too chicken to tell her he's seen her naked."

Bonus: The longest anonymous spam post EVAR

When mothers trash their sons' treasured card collections, sometimes they go to people like Jeffrey.

bdj610's Topps Baseball Card Blog

Jaybee spins a bittersweet tale of a Friendly card shop.

But Dayf, where's yours? Sorry I got caught up in reading all of these and forgot to write it. Maybe this weekend. Anyone wishing to host Bat Around #6, shoot me an e-mail.


steveisjewish said...

Dayf - Thank you very much for hosting. If no one else wants to host, I would be more than happy to! Take care!

Bo said...

I assume your in-laws live on Long Island - may I ask where?
These are great stories - look forward to yours!

dayf said...

My in-laws are are scattered all over Long Island, but the main hub of activity (i.e. Grandma)is in Levittown.

Bo said...

That's cool! Tri-County is on Hempstead Turnpike - I'm sure Grandma knows it. The baseball cards are on the second floor "mezzanine."