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Saturday, March 21, 2009

2009 Topps Heritage Hobby Pack 4

One more Hobby pack after this and then you'll get to see the Wal-Mart jumbo pack. I bet you just can't wait...

45 Jeff Keppinger

Red, black and white! On a Cincinnati Reds card! Awesome!!! Plus Jeff played for the University of Georgia! WOOFWOOFWOOFWOOFWOOF! Topps should have used this color scheme for every single Reds card in the set.

147 Aaron Cunningham

The first of three straight Rookies. At only 22, Aaron is a pretty good hitting prospect, and will probably see some action with the A's sometime this season.

123 Will Venable

Max's kid is another outfield prospect trying to break into a crowded outfield.

C17 Dexter Fowler

My first Heritage Chrome of '09. I love these cards even though I'd never take the time to build a set. Come to think of it, a Chrome set would probably be a whole lot easier than a complete base set with short prints. Dexter's probably the best prospect of the three in the pack. He played on the Olympic team last year for the USA, so there's likely a bunch of Upper deck cards of him floating around.

Here's the back of a Chrome card. The ink seems a little darker than the base cards to me. More of a deli mustard than a dijon. The serial number is in the top right corner of the cartoon which kind of stinks. I don't like the sancticty of my cartoons defiled by foil.

155 Jeff Kent

Jeff Kent is going to the Hall of Fame while Dale Murphy, Jim Kaat and Ron Santo sit out in the cold. Sigh.

67 Omar Vizquel

Omar will be playing for Texas this year as Elvis Andrus' personal shortstop guru. I'd rather see Omar in the Hall than Kent.

2657 hits, umpteen Gold Gloves, more games played at shortstop than anyone else, not a jerk and did it all while wearing a jughead hat. BEAT THAT JEFF KENT.

327 Kyle Lohse

Kyle Lohse plays for the Cardinals? Kyle Lohse is still in the league? Kyle Lohse went 15-6 last year?? Naaaah. Some sort of pod person must have won 15 games last year. Some alien race determined to destroy all humans through Cardinal baseball. He'll evolve into SuperMechaLohse during a game against the Cubs sometime next year and then humanity will be doomed.

265 Justin Upton

BJ's little bro only hit .250 with 15 dingers last year for the D-Backs. Ho-hum such pedestrian numbers for an outfielder. Oh yeah, but Justin did that when he was only twenty years old. If you're drafting for a fantasy keeper league in the next couple of weeks, here's a tip: PICK JUSTIN.

Not a bad pack at all. Will the last hobby pack be a good one? I'll post it sometime this week and we'll find out!

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Jeffrey Wolfe said...

Thanks for posting, I am looking forward to the jumbo pack.