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Monday, March 2, 2009

Three links for a monday afternoon

I'm trying to get packages together and cards sorted today so here's three interesting links to get you through the long afternoon. Also: if you have a blog and I have not linked to it over there on that sidebar, send me an e-mail. I'm putting together a links post tonight. If you have e-mailed me already, do it again. If you don't want to e-mail me, then use your psychic brain waves to beam the URL into my head. Now to the links.

Mario from Wax Heaven interviews Pete Williams, the author of Card Sharks: How Upper Deck Turned A Child’s Hobby Into A High-Stakes, Billion-Dollar Business. The book is hard to find now, but Mario went straight to the source.

Ol' Joe alerted me to a vending box CASE BREAK of 1976 Topps. This might get me through the long afternoon.

Finally, I found this baseball vignette while lurking on the interwebs. No, I didn't make it, but it had me laughing for quite a while.

Real posts later this afternoon/tonight. I have a feeling this will end up on the banner in '10.


MMayes said...

I was trying (for a minute...not very hard) to see whose bat that was. Imagine that. A guy takes a Louisville Slugger to the chin, and like the woman above who was only concerned about her pizza box, all I care about is "Who threw their bat like that?"

Anonymous said...

Too bad all the people on the thread about the 1976 Topps Vending Case seem to want to talk about is which cards might grade PSA 10.

Nevermind that all the cards are gorgeous even if they aren't absolutely perfect.

Anonymous said...

The book is actually not that hard to fine. I bought a used copy off amazon for a few bucks this past weekend.

And I did it stone drunk!

Captain Canuck said...

I saw this break earlier... it's too depressing for a guy like me who's been trying to build this set to no avail..

Bay Rat North West said...

Dude got jacked by that bat!
Guy in the back is just too cool. You know he was laughing his ass off while eating free pizza.
If you need a copy of Card Sharks the local used book shop has 3 copies.

dayf said...

I've got a copy, but it's out of print so you have to schlep around to used bookstores to find them now. If I can't click on Amazon and have them ship it to my house I consider it difficult to find. Yes, I am that lazy.