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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

1956 Topps Joe Astroth

All filler, all day! Here's a Kansas City A from 1956.

Do people from Kansas actually collect Kansas City A cards? Are there any old timers who refuse to root for the Royals and instead follow their beloved A's? Is Joe looking up at a pop fly or a falling bomb in his actoin picture? Why did this man have to play his entire career before Houston had a franchise? Did the Astros ever hire him as a coach? If not, why not? SO MANY QUESTIONS

The 1956 set is basically one long avant-garde surrealist comic book. Joe steals a bus, plows through the front gate right onto the field and runs down the opposing team leaving naught but carnage in his wake. Joe talks down a wigged out pitcher who stupidly got wasted on salvia thinking it was a fancy brand of chewing tobacco. Joe the con man talks his way into the Iowa Caucuses and ends up with 32% of the vote for Republican candidate for the 1956 Presidential race, later absconding with 5 million dollars in campaign donations and fleeing to Fiji, where he would live out his life in luxurious opulence, surrounded by mostly naked island girls. Joe lived a wild and crazy life apparently! Good for you, Joe!

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