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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Really old package from Madding Pt. 2

Here's highlights from another package from Cards on Cards guy, Madding. We regularly have a Blazers for Hawks hostage swap. This one came months ago, but I'm a lazy bastid who never posts trade packages.

Solomon Jones rookie card! Yay! Sadly, Solomon has moved on to the Pacers. I'm somewhat sad that there will be no Topps basketball set this year. There have been plenty of times where Topps went into hoops hiatus though so I'll just have to be patient for the next set.

J-Smoove! One one of the more attractive SP designs I've seen. Ok, it's gaudy and ridiculous. But it's a GOOD gaudy and ridiculous.

Here's an odd Upper Deck card of  almost prodigal son Joe Johnson. It's got the base card design but is printed on Holofoil. I can barely keep up with all the baseball products, this one completely flew past my radar. Joe got mad after the season and threatened to sign elsewhere, then came back in a hurry when he realized he wasn't going to get on LeBron's team and the Hawks could pay millions more than anyone else. Thanks for taking our money, Joe!

It wasn't all Hawks in this package, but the baseball subjects were a bit... disturbing.

God as my witness, I don't know whether I've been bipped or not.

Cardinals and Blazers will be on their way soon, Madding....


madding said...

Just keep staring at Glavine's face... soon you'll understand.

dayf said...

he's looking back at me..........