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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

2010 Topps206 Blaster recap

I thought I'd do this blaster recap a bit differently since no one seems to be all that concerned with the cards in this set. Instead I'll break it down according to what people really care about in Topps206:


Base cards -
Hats - 3 (2 SP)

No hats - 35

Has a hat, but not on head - 2

Do-Rag - 1

Minis -
No hats - 7

Hats - 1

Total number of people on this card with a hat - 40

Total number of people in the box with a hat:

Total number of people in the box without a hat:


Undecided - 1 (is a do-rag a hat?)


Bonus stats:

Total number of people who 

Placido Polanco - Pumpkinhead

Dustin Pedroia - Hair retreating faster than the French Army

Kevin Millwood - A nice new cap with something other than an Orioles logo on it might alleviate his depression

Adam Lind - Roosterhead

Alex Rios - Bad case of Picard Point

Colby Rasmus - Mop Top/Ringo's love child

Justin Masterson - need an earring to pull off the Mr. Clean look

Jason Werth - MULLET ALERT

Total number of people who are perfectly fine without a hat: 6

Yogi Berra - Yogi is perfect in every way.

Mike Cameron - Got the Samuel L. Badass look down pat.

Carlos Quentin - Q's got the tousled look that drives the girlies wild.

Cy Young - absolutely perfect 1909 hair.

Joan of Arc - Mess with that woman's hair and she'll CUT YOU

The best card in the entire set:

No explanation necessary.


JD's Daddy said...

Fantastic! Thanks for the laugh. I definitely agree that Cueto is the best pull.

GA Mindset said...

206 is all about the hats! I wanted to get my hands on this new set to see what is was all about, also. I'm doing the hat SP set, wanna send some my way?


AdamE said...

Any way you can part with Perdoia and Cameron? (along with any other Red Sox you may have got) I can probably help out your frakenset because I have a whole slew of minis to trade.

Hackenbush said...

Great stuff!

Play at the Plate said...

I believe you got MY blaster sir!

madding said...

Boooooooooooooooooo to Cueto. Let's just hope he doesn't kick your backup catcher in the head and DL him for the rest of the season.

Todd Uncommon said...

That's the best blorg post I've read in a very long time. Excellent job getting down to the short ones on what really matters in that box rip.

Anonymous said...

If Johnny Cueto spent half as much time learning how to fight as he does on his hair, he wouldn't kick like a little girl when he got backed into a corner.

paw75 said...

Where did you find a blaster box? I am going to assume that you are from Georgia just as I am, if you truly are in Squidbilly country. I'm just wonder because I hit my local Wal-Mart yesterday for my weekly visit to see if the vendor (Beckett Media Group) that stocks my local. I did pre-order a retail box from Sports Authority back in July. When I order the box, I was local into a total price that is less that what they are charging for the boxes now. Anyway, I had to cancel the order because of money issues.

So just wondering where you came about a blaster box?

I live in Northwest Georgia in a town called LaFayette which is 20 minutes south of Chattanooga. Or if you remember the Tri-State Crematory situation that's basically part of my hometown.

Just let me know where and if we are some close, I may have to make a road trip and write some these rubber check I have.

Here is my blog on this thing:

I just started it yesterday because I been up all night blog-surfing.

Hope to hear from you soon.