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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Virtual 1982 Topps Sticker Album - Page 2

Allll righty then, one guy commented on the album so I've got at least one reader interested in this boondoggle. I've already stuck and scanned so full steam ahead! Page two right here, it's the Pitching leaders this time.

If it's 1982, that's gotta be a ghostly version of Fernando right there. Let's check the after scan.

Like the other leader stickers these are red white and blue. Tom Seaver is the wins leader for the NL. I'm still missing the four-way AL sticker. Fernando and Len Barker lead everyone in strikeouts. As a Braves fan, I still like Fernando better than Barker and I hated the Dodgers back in the day. It doesn't hurt that Barker crapped the bed as soon as he was traded to the Bravos. Nolan Ryan had a 1.69 era in 1981??? Why don't we hear more about that? That's sick. Would you believe Steve McCatty is the one play who got his face on two leaders stickers? The page finishes up with an epic battle between two all of fame closers. Are you on Team Beard or Team Mustache?


Ernest said...

That can't be Fernando. At that point in his wind-up he would be looking straight up. Besides, he was a bit more portly than that.

Anonymous said...

That sticker of Rollie Fingers was my first look at the guy... and man I instantly thought he was awesome... that handbar mustache, and the ol'
clever Brewers symbol on the cap. How much cooler can one get?

BTW, I can underatand wy you hated Barker... he stunk by the time he went to Atlanta.

Anonymous said...

PS. Bruce Sutter always reminded me of Grisley Adams - http://youtube.com/watch?v=PmdqFe2URnU

Jeffrey Wolfe said...

I'm leaving a comment so you don't quit posting these. I feel that Ryan's ERA gets lost in the travesty that was the strike-shortened '81 season. But the stickers and stats are intriguing nonetheless.

Captain Canuck said...

there is NO WAY that is ghostly Fernando.

Fernando's skeleton was bigger than that. Plus the head is all wrong.

Mark said...

The album refers to the 1981 season.

Dodger lefties that year were:
* Fernando Valenzuela
* Jerry Reuss
* Steve Howe
* Terry Forster

Don said...

I always thought it was Fernando. Maybe it is Steve Howe.

night owl said...

I don't know, I think there are shenanigans going on.

The wind-up looks very much like Fernando, and even the body looks like Fernando -- I have a photo of Fernando in a wind-up and it looks just like this one. Same point in the wind-up, same distance away from the subject, same body-type.

The difference is the head and the face. It looks like Topps either stuck some other head on the Fernando body or airbrushed Fernando's face and hair beyond recognition.

madding said...

I tried to do a similar thing with 1990 Panini (not nearly as cool as older Topps but I was trying to capitalize on the Panini World Cup wave.) I need to buy a box or something, but I haven't brought myself around to doing it. Maybe it will be an offseason project.