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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day

Arrrrrrrr! It's Talk Like A Pirate DayThree Scurvy Dogs beat me to it this year! I'll keelhaul the lot of 'em! They're probably mad because I still haven't sent most of my 2009 Pirate sets! It's hard to find printer ink on the open seas! Plus I've had me hands full with rum, treasure and a saucy lass or two! While yer waitin' here's a gallery of the 1888 Allen & GintARRRR Pirates of the Spanish Main set! I know I've only posted 10 of the 50 cards in the set! English swine are firing off the port bow! Once they walk the plank I'll post the rest! If ye don't like it may ye be molested by Captain Hook!

Pierre Francois

Samuel Bellamy 

William Fly

Charles Vane

Jack Avery

John Gow

Sir Henry Morgan

George Lowther

Captain Kidd

Peter The Great

There's 40 more where this came from! I'll round up the lot of em!

Roc The Brazillian


De Graff

Michael Le Basque

Sieur De Grammont

John Davis

Captain Martel

Howel Davis


Captain Condent

Bart Roberts

Captain Halsey


Sieur De Montauban

Stede Bonnet

Arrrrrrrrr! Halfway home!

Shiver me timbers! A challenge has been issued by The Wicked! Arrrr, I'll be needin' some new recruits to fend off that scurvy dog.

John Evans

Alexander Bras-De-Fer

Captain Lewis

Van Horn

Captain Worley

Edward England

Anne Bonny

Francis Lolonois

Edward Teach (Blackbeard)

Mary Read

Captain Tew

Portuguese Barthelemy

oh crap ninjas brb

mah bad not ninjas at all




Pierre Picard

(couldn't find the back, sorry. I am teh fail)

Captain Jack Rackam

Edward Low

Thomas Anstis

Francis Spriggs


Sir Raveneau De Lussan

John Phillips

Moses Vauclin

Lewis Scot

Yay! I'm done! I mean Arrrrrrrr! The entire 1888 Allen & Ginter N19 Pirates of the Spanish Main set front and back except for that one back I couldn't find.  If you think this was a huge post wait till you see the one I have planned for next month! Muahahaharrrrrrrr!


MattR said...

Interesting stuff!

Cardsplitter said...

Ahoy there, matey. I be havin' one of them Pirate ginters, Roche Braziliano, called Roc the Brazilian. I paid a mighty penny for him, but I am sure we could work a deal.

ernest of canada said...

who'd a thunk back in the day pirates dressed like parisien dandies.