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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Monkeying around in MSPaint again

Did you know Jim Bouton ended his career as an Atlanta Brave? Yep, Bulldog pitched five whole games with them in 1978. Topps totally dropped the ball and didn't make a card of Jim in the 1979 set. I have corrected that error with my own custom creation:

You might recognize the photo from Beardy's 2010 Masterpieces set:

I requested that card because up until that point I had been too lazy to create my own card. I unlazied myself and got to working. It may seem tacky to reuse the same image on two cards like that, but this is only the second picture of Jim in a Braves uniform I've ever seen. The other is on the Ball Four plus Ball Five cover that was published in 1980. There's got to be some more pics of him out there somewhere, right?

Bonus quiz: Can anyone guess which '79 Topps card I used as the base for my custom?


Captain Canuck said...

Dave Campbell, of course.

Captain Canuck said...

speaking of which, did you get that package I sent not too long ago?

madding said...

I'm gonna say Barry Bonnell.

Todd Uncommon said...

Dale Murphy. Bad guess prolly, especially without going to check my 1979 set. Murphy was action photo swangin' in his '79 right?

--David said...

Bob Horner? His card seems to match the background edges of yours. I'll keep looking.