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Monday, September 20, 2010


I finally worked up the courage to open that ominous lumpy package Chris Harris sent me in retribution for getting Bowman Bombed. Inside was....


Oops, wrong Panini. I meant baseball Panini.

NO. WRONG. This Panini:

Chris sent 219 1990 Panini baseball stickers. Loose. All just floating around everywhere in the package. Sure, they're stickers, so who really gives a crap if they're getting dinged up all over the place but still. This is not something you do to someone who is twitchy about cards. 120 of them were unique, the rest were doubles, triples, and in one case sextuples.  There is a problem though.

I do not have a 1990 Panini Sticker album.

I got no clue what to do with these things. I guess I could hunt down an album. Let's try it now. Google "1990 Panini Sticker Album" and see what comes up. Well, I can get a Little Mermaid or Talespin album for $4.49. eBay's not much better. I could get a 1990 Topps album and a buncha packs for twenty bucks. Wait, here's a Panini album! ...pre-stuck. Well drats. It doesn't matter anyway because once I do get my hands on an album, the stickers are all American League.

Yep, not one national leaguer in the bunch. Retribution is one thing but this is just dastardly.

Chris made up for it by including some World Cup stickers mixed in with all the mess.

Georgia is a vast wasteland of football stickers so these more than make up for the Bippery. I'm allowing myself to stick one group a day so tomorrow I will get to not stick my Steven Gerrard sticker because I've already got that one. I miss the World Cup. I'm ready to move to Europe just for the World Cup Adrenalyn cards.

Also included is another reminder that Chris want's me to sign up for this time sin when I'm barely maintaining this blog and....

Jefferson Burdick has a POSSE. Awww Yeaaaah.

Now I need to plan my next move. I have all the time in the worid to concoct the perfect scheme. Revenge is a dish best served cold.


Play at the Plate said...

That was one sticky bip.

madding said...

Dude. That package was meant for me.


sticker said...

How to remove a paper sticker from plastic without ruining sticker?

Cuisinart Panini press said...

I kind of like the panini, A bite shouldn't be too much to ask for.