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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Virtual 1982 Topps Sticker Album - Page 3

What is this? I'm going to another Braves game today?? Braves and the Cardinals? Holy crap there's no time to post! Better queue up a filler post! WAIT! Sticker album! Perfect!

Oh looky it's the Braves page! Now I can completely lose interest in this series as soon as I post this and leave you all hanging! - KIDDING - I pasted the Chambliss sticker in there a while back as a proof of concept. These stickers actually still stick! Mostly. The Ghostly player in the background is tough, but I think it might be Rafael Ramirez. Any thoughts? Here's the after scan:


You knew I'd have the Braves team set, of course. Pretty solid lineup for the 1982 Western Division Champs. I was thinking maybe go with Gaylord Perry or Rick Mahler for that last spot, but Camp was our shutdown closer in '81 so it's all good. Up next is the Cubbies -I'll post that one on Monday.


MattR said...

great series -- keep up the good work! :)

Chuck's Used Cards said...

I have heard rumors that Chris Chambliss' NY Yankees jersey - which he wore for the walk-off HR in the 1977 A.L. Play-offs - may be found and go to auction.

I bet the Yankees would be interested ... the Royals, meh - not so much.

Nice sticker of Chamby !

Note: for those who are too young or do not know, Chammbliss has to run a maze of fans that invaded the Yankee Stadium field after he hit it ... he came out three hours later to touch home plate.