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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Am I wrong?

So I did a bad thing the other day. Breaking cease-fires, softening up with a Bazooka and then dropping the Bowman Bomb, that sort of thing. Yes, I'm a bad person. I do not argue that. But consider why I did what I did. Chris may act all innocent, but a few months ago he did the unthinkable. A gross violation of the Bipping Geneva Convention: I got Re-Bipped.

Remember when I sent him a giant stack of Todd Helton cards? Well look what I got along with a Chicle Bipping:

Seriously, sending my own Heltons back to me??? How gauche. Chris could have at least used the 1354 Andres Galarraga cards he got bipped with as packing material, not my own damn cards. This is the kind of things that turns Bipping from a civilized war between gentleman to all out massacre. Judge me if you must, but this aggression shall not stand.

Bipping Karma bites quickly however, as you soon shall see...

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