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Monday, September 6, 2010

Pics from the Braves-Mets game -1st inning

I took more pictures than I thought so it's taken me a while to scrounge through them for some decent pics. I still have a 35mm roll to develop too... Here's some pics from the first inning of the game I went to on September 1st against the Mets. But first a comparison to some pics I took at a couple of other games I attended in the past couple of months.
Here's a shot of Jason Heyward taking a swing at the plate at the July 4th Game at Turner Field.

And here's J-Hey at the plate in the first inning of the game against the Mets.

Here's another comparison, Freddie Freeman (#30) manning first base for the Gwinnett Braves at Coolray Field. this is about the closest I got to Freddie.

And here's the closest I got to Freddie (now #5) at the Braves game. THESE WERE DAMN GOOD SEATS.

Most of the good pictures on my crummy camera phone came in the early innings before the glare from the lights got too bad. I tried to correct the brightness the best I could, but there's only so much you can do on a free phone you get with a contract. Here's a pictorial recap of the first full inning I saw (bottom of the first and top of the second) since I got to my seats a little late.

Here's leadoff man Omar Infante taking some cuts in the batter's circle before the inning started. I was somewhat shell shocked by the view at this point but went into full blown Baseball Madness moments later.

JASON HEYWARD. MERE FEET AWAY FROM ME. MIND = BLOWN. I took more pics of Heyward than anyone else by far. If you watched the game on TV, you would have seen a fat goofy idiot clicking away snapshots all night whenever the director pointed the cameras at the Braves on-deck circle.

Omar digs in on his first at-bat. Omar would single and J-Hey would follow that up with a double that sent Omar to third.

Martin Prado waits for the pitch while Omar stands at third.

Here's Brian McCann stretching before his at-bat. Heyward is hanging out on second in the background.

More McCann stretching because you can't have enough Big Mac.

Prado smacked a double during his at-bat and Jason and Omar head back to the dugout after scoring. Braves up 2-0, which is all Tommy Hanson would need.

Mac heads to the plate and Eric Hinske takes some cuts. Eric is a big ol' burly dude.

Freddie! On deck before his first MLB at-bat.

Hinske's up while Freeman waits his turn. McCann got Prado over to third on a sac fly.

Hinske would hit a grounder to first but Ike Davis went home and threw out Martin. Boooooooo! Freeman steps up while the ump cleans up the plate after the close play. Meanwhile Brooks Conrad causes a big dust storm by scooping up a handful of dirt and rubbing it all over his hands and bat handle.

Freeman would ground out in his first at bat. Yes, some Yokel reminded him that J-Hey hit a home run on his first swing. Mets are now up in the second inning after a 1-2-3 inning in the first.

Chris Carter is up as McCann signals Hanson. Much X-files theme song was played on the organ this evening. Chris drew a walk and stole second.

Tommy H. deals to Carlos Beltran. Carlos flew out and wasn't able to advance the runner.

Finally, here's rookie Ike Davis. Ike also flew out to Ankiel. In fact everyone in this inning flew out to Ankiel.

More pictures to come once I have time. Might be around Christmas, but I'll get 'em up.


The Chop Keeper said...

Pretty sweet seats! I don't think I could ever sit anywhere else after that experience- it would be like having super high fast broadband, only having to go back to dial-up...

GA Mindset said...

Those seats are nice! In the box with Don Sutton and by the on deck circle, you definitely watch in style my friend!

sruchris said...

Is that Dayf on TV?

dayf said...

Nope, I'm further over to the left. I'm sitting behind a lady in a pink shirt.
Correct link for anyone who wants to look at not me.

night owl said...

I combed the AP photos from that game (like I have nothing better to do at work) and I THINK I may have found you.

Film at 11. (Or more likely 4 a.m.)

Jeremy said...

Nice photos. Looks like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing.

Patsearcher said...

My favorite part of these pictures - the 20,000 empty seats in the background