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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Southside Bipper Strikes Back

So the lovely little package sent to me by Steve of White Sox Cards turned out to be a dirty Bip. A dirty PHILLIES Bip no less! There were still plenty more cards in the box, so I moved past Steve's little joke and found some neat goodies.

Here's an Upper Deck First Edition insert of Smoltzie. Being a retail-only product, these things are tough to find.

Yep, those are the Team Leaders all right... well, until Chipper went down and took our playoff chances with him.

There were a whole bunch of these Lavender Classic cards. I don't remember this set, but the Dave Justice card is pretty cool. Can we swap Dave for Scalia?

Among some junkwax specimens was this Pinnacle Team 2000 card of Deion Sanders. I bought an entire jumbo box of this stuff for about the price of a 2010 Hobby box of Topps goes for today. It is now worth about the same as a retail pack of Topps. The Team 2000 cards were nifty at the time at least. "Whoa, 2000 is sooooo far away!"

Wait... what?

TENNIS cards?

I just got bipped with TENNIS cards? WTF?

Acworth's best? I never heard of this dude in my life. Of course I'm pretty anti-social, he could be a neighbor for all I know.

I JUST GOT BIPPED WITH TENNIS CARDS. That has to be a first.

Don't worry, there's more pain to come. Steve is just getting warmed up.


BA Benny said...

I could use one of those many tennis cards for my American flag collection.

madding said...

Yikes... can it get worse?