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Monday, September 13, 2010

Virtual 1982 Topps Sticker Album - Page 4

Page 4 of the Sticker album, as promised.

Aaaah, the Cubbies. Haven't won in over a Century and just recently dropped out of my "Most Hated Team" slot. The Florida Marlins have taken that honor for their miserable owner who doesn't recognize greatness when he sees it. The fact that the Fish are always an enormous pain in the backside every. single. time. they play the Braves helps. The Cubs were actually a favorite team back in the '80s, as I was a fan of Leon and Cey and Hawk. Watching Skip's pop call games on WGN was pretty fun too.

The ghostly Cub in the background image is extremely ghostly this time. We know it's a white guy, with shaggy 70's hair, wristbands and what appears to be a huge 'stache. Which basically means it could be half the players on the team. the other player is actually easier. Giants' catcher from 1981? Gotta be Milt May. Ok, it could be Mike Sadek or Jeff Ransom, but not likely. Actually knowing Topps it could actually be a photo out of the archives from 1962. That could be Ken Hubbs crashing into Ed Bailey for all I know. Any guesses on who that mystery Cub is?

Raise your hand if you occasionally pronounce Ivan DeJesus EYE-vn Da-JEE-zus instead of ee-VAN Day-HEY-zeus. On accident, on purpose or ironically, doesn't matter.


I have a healthy bunch of Cubbies here, only missing Mike Krukow. This page had my first near catastrophe though. The backing of the Leon Durham card absolutely did not want to leave its sticky home. While the 28 year old adhesive certainly isn't the strongest after all the years, most do a decent job of peeling and sticking. Poor Leon has paper loss and bits of backing on the back and is just barely holding on. It is holding on though, and I haven't yet had to figure out glue alternates. Elmer's is right out, and all the kiddie glue sticks in the house were missing their caps and had shriveled to glue mummies. I probably need to invest in some rubber cement or that fancy spray on stuff that scrapbookers use. I've found that if I keep the album underneath something heavy like a binder or monster box it assists in the adhesive-album merging. I'm crossing my fingers that I don't have to resort to foreign substances, but with over 200 stickers left to paste, I'll be very lucky if Leon isn't my only problem sticker.


Community Gum said...

That is one utterly suck-tastic Cubs team. Almost makes me feel better about the current squad of AAAAers. -Andy

Todd Uncommon said...

The shadow face Cubbie is most certainly Bill Buckner. I've been playing the shadowface game with this album since I was 12. Sad, I know, but think I'm pretty good at it.

Little did Bill know that a mere four years later, he would wish he had a shadowface fer reals.

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