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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Revenge of the Son of the Southside Bipper

Steve gets particularly vicious this time around. He first tries to soften me up with some Chippers before landing the blow.

Here's Chipper smiling in happier days. He probably likes the way the foil words rubbing up on his crotch feels.

A Dick Perez sketch of Chipper from A&G. Anyone critisizing the quality of the sketch needs to realize that this image of the sketch is actual size. It's not easy to paint something that good on a tiny little card. Anyone criticizing Topps for leaving the 1/1 designation on the one per pack insert may carry on.

Here's the First Edition version of the 2007 Upper Deck card seen above. Not only is there a different photo on the front, but there is a different photo on the back for both cards as well. It's times like these I really miss Upper Deck.

Aaaaaaand now I don't miss them anymore.

Here's a 2007 Opening Day insert of Chipper that would have looked 1000000% better if it wasn't on foilboard. Foilboard cards have been totally unneccessary since about 1997.

Cool! A spanish version Super Estrellas Chipper. This was a nifty set and at one time you could find boxes of them for 10 bucks at Wally World.

85 hits, 98 runs and 126 hits. The cool thing about Moments and Milestones is that since I am the only one in the blogosphere who admits to liking the set, everyone keeps sending me their M&M cards. I might actually be able to complete one of these ridiculous runs of Chippers one of these days just through blind aggregation.

Now I REALLY don't miss Upper Deck. Sweet Jesus, Spectrum sucked. Who puts Kim Kardashian in a friggin baseball card set?!?

Ok, here's where Steve decided to get cute.


Ah, William Tecumsah Sherman. Acworth's best.

November 1864. Princess Elisabeth of Hesse and by Rhine was born that month.

"Little Shanty" We only do Big Shantys around here.

Burned to the Ground! in red sharpie to indicate FIRE!!!

How quaint. A "You Southerners Got Pwned 150 Years Ago" Bip. I would feel remiss if I did not point out a certain fact.

My city got totally burned to the ground by these guys:

The United States Army. The finest fighting force the Earth shall ever know.

Steve's city also got burned to the ground. By one of these:

Us: defeated by large numbers of invading troops. Ya'll: defeated by a malcontented ungulate. Just sayin'.

Th-th-th-th-th-th-th-that's not all, folks. One more post of Biptitude and we can all go home.


JD's Daddy said...

Man, that is one AWFUL looking Chipper sketch. Makes some of those lousy Chicle cards look like Rembrandts!

Oh yeah, and some slight bragging. I got a different Perez 1/1 in each pack that box...hot box! ;)

White Sox Cards said...
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White Sox Cards said...

Technically, my hometown was destroyed by a tornado in 1967.

The city I was born in had the malcontented ungulate incident.