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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beardy's National Swag

Beardy held a National Contest and I confused him enough into tricking him into sending me some stuff. Ain't I a stinker? I feel bad for my chicanery now because he sent me the absolute best promo card available at the show.

No, not the Heritage David Clyde card. THIS ONE:

My favorite catcher in my favorite design from 1960! I loves me the Yogi. Here's the back:

Topps got cute and numbered these promo cards 573-577 so they are 'add ons' to the original 1960 set. Is that set really 50 years old? Yikes.

This Mantle got thrown in too for some reason. Topps is always cluttering up their sets with Mantles! My guess is that Beardy simply cannot abide Yankees in his Oriole Home and figured I could stand it if I liked Yogi. I actually like Yankees up to the Mattingly era so I'll be nice to wayward Mickey. The Home Run King pennant thing is nifty at least.

Oh look! A checklist!



The rest, eh. Presidents and Frank Howard are cool I guess. Beardy wouldn't send the Cal anyway.  Isn't Andy Farkas the kid Ralphie beat the crap out of in A Christmas Story? Oh wait! There's an Obak card in with the checklist! Could it be????

Obak strippers. Ok I guess, but they sure ain't as sexy as J-Hey's sweet swing... Oh baby, pick up your big stick and drive that ball, Jason... DRIVE IT

Oh... sorry. This post went all to hell real quick didn't it. Thanks again Beardy, for Yogi and cheesecake!

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