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Saturday, September 4, 2010


You knew I couldn't resist doing this, right?

Now that Topps206 is out for its fifth set (2002 Topps206, 2002 Topps206 Series 2, 2003 Topps206 Series 3, 2009 Topps206, 2010 Topps206) I've got enough T206 mini fodder for a new FrankenSet. I actually has enough before, but now I have brand new notched border diamond-cut minis to add to the set.

Like the Allen & Ginter set, I'm trying for a complete set of all the base cards. In A&G, that's 1-350, with Topps206 it's a little trickier. The 2009 and 2010 sets are numbered from 1-300. Then there are 50 short prints. Complicating matters is the original 2002-2003 set is 456 cards.To reconcile this, I've decided to build the FrankenSet 1-300, then pick out 214 additional minis to create a full 514 card set to match the original T206 set. The extra cards allows me to pick the best from the 1-300 rejects, along with the Series 3, short print, and promo minis that have no place in the 1-300 set.

I'm also trying to get a good mix of card backs. All three sets have completely different card stock which is neat. The American Caramel back is causing mixed feelings. It's a cool new design, but it's not an original T206 back. They're a completely different set, actually. I'll put 'em in there, but Topps should have used the Hindu back. I am also thinking of adding a 'Big 4' rare cards to the set by picking up a couple of 1/1 backs or newfangled chromes, but I haven't decided for sure on that yet. Now that Topps is cluttering up Topps206 with history cards, it will be lightly more challenging to add to the set, but I'll manage.


Sharpe said...

Super cool idea. You know when you do scans of the backs like that it looks really good.

gritz76 said...

I have a pile that may make their way down to you. I don't much care for them really. I do agree, I like the scan of the backs more than the fronts.

Cardsplitter said...

You are a mad man. I already stole your idea of a FrankenGinter set, but this is way above my head. Cool backs though.

I wish I could do a Goodwinstein set. Damn exclusivity.

Play at the Plate said...

Hey Dayf, I thought you might want to know someone unlocked a 2nd 1989Mark Lemke...maybe they'll be more willing to trade than the first guy!