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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Frenchy, Texas Ranger

I have so many posts I need to write, yet I am wasting my precious free time MSPainting masterpieces like this instead.

In other news, Jeff Francoeur got traded to Texas. I am somewhat happy about this because I still have a soft spot for the knucklehead, and I'm going to the game tomorrow, and I would have booed his ass lustily. Most everyone out there giving me a Look of Disapproval right now would likely also boo a Met if given half a chance so cut it out. The drawback to seeing Frenchy out of that nasty uniform is that there is a chance Atlanta could meet up with the Rangers in the World Series and Jeff Francoeur only lives up to his vast potential when playing the Braves. So there's one more thing to keep me up at nights. Good luck Frenchy, go earn yourself a contract next year out in Texas.

As long as I had MSPaint fired up, I decided to cobble this together in honor of Luis Castillo's defensive prowess this evening. (yes, I know it sucks - that's five whole minutes of work there)

Thanks for the huge inning Luis, we appreciate it!


Captain Canuck said...

wickets. nice.

at least now we won't have to endure Jeff gunning down Braves at the plate anymore.... you'd think of any team, we'd know better.

SpastikMooss said...

That Jeff mspaint made me laugh so hard. Nicely done.

Paul said...

I'm happy to see Jeff Francoeur go, but it's nice that he's getting a shot at the playoffs.

I find it very funny that the guy the Mets got back lost his roster spot to Alex Cora, who the Mets cut a little while back.

GA Mindset said...

I thought for sure Jeff was going to gun down Ankiel the other night when he was booking it home!

I'm a Francoeur fan. I'm a little biased as I played football against him in high school and watched him dominate on the football and baseball fields (yes, and the basketball court). Put him on the playoff bound Rangers and let's see how he handles the AL. I'll be rooting for him, unless he's facing the Braves.

deal said...

Mets looked horrible last night - not just the big error - but the bad fundamentals and dumb baseball - it was hard to watch.