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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

1954 Topps Fr-

Stop that Redleg! He just stole the top quarter of the card! Hurry! He's escaping the scene of the crime! Poor Frank looks distraught that his name is now Fr, pitc for the Redlegs.

Ah Redlegs. The Freedom Fries of the Fifties. At least Frank Thomas Smith has his full name safely stored on the back of the card. I have no idea what took the massive chunk out of this card, but if I had to guess it was one of those staple remover things. Some kid took one of those, pretended it was a piranha and went CHOMP right on Frank's card. The kid obviously cared about the card through, because he didn't harm the picture, the logo or most importantly, the number on the back. Poor Frank is still left in the aftermath to eternally ask the question "WHY???"


night owl said...

A great injustice has been done to my dearly departed friend, Frank. (I have another Frank Smith post coming up soon).

Then again, maybe it was die-cut to look like the state Utah. That'd be kind of cool. I guess.

ernest of canada said...

that is pure, abstract, visual genius.